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Supported Vehicle Images

The following types of images are supported on Shipyards.


Escort [escort.bmp]
Frigate [frigate.bmp]
Destroyer [destroyer.bmp]
Light Cruiser [lightcruiser.bmp]
Cruiser [cruiser.bmp]
Battle Cruiser [battlecruiser.bmp]
Battleship [battleship.bmp]
Dreadnought [dreadnought.bmp]
Light Carrier [carrierlight.bmp]
Carrier [carrier.bmp]
Heavy Carrier [carrierheavy.bmp]
Small Transport [transportsmall.bmp]
Medium Transport [transportmedium.bmp]
Large Transport [transportlarge.bmp]
Colony Ship [colonyship.bmp]
Fleet [fleet.bmp]
Space Station [spacestation.bmp]
Battle Station [battlestation.bmp]
Starbase [starbase.bmp]
Drone [drone.bmp]
Small Fighter [fightersmall.bmp]
Medium Fighter [fightermedium.bmp]
Large Fighter [fighterlarge.bmp]
Fighter Group [fightergroup.bmp]
Mine [mine.bmp]
Mine Group [minegroup.bmp]
Satellite [satellite.bmp]
Satellite Group [satellitegroup.bmp]
Small Troop [troopsmall.bmp]
Medium Troop [troopmedium.bmp]
Large Troop [trooplarge.bmp]
Small Weapon Platform [weapplatformsmall.bmp]
Medium Weapon Platform [weapplatformmedium.bmp]
Large Weapon Platform [weapplatformlarge.bmp]
Frigate [frigate.bmp]
Destroyer [destroyer.bmp]
Light Cruiser [lightcruiser.bmp]
Cruiser [cruiser.bmp]
Battleship [battleship.bmp]
Dreadnought [dreadnought.bmp]
Carrier [carrier.bmp]
Space Station [spacestation.bmp]
Starbase [starbase.bmp]
Colony Ship [colonyship.bmp]
Medium Freighter [freighter.bmp]
Drone [drone.bmp]
Fighter [fighter.bmp]
Mine [mine.bmp]
Satellite [satellite.bmp]
Troop [troop.bmp]
Weapon Platform [weaponplatform.bmp]


Large Starliner [starlinerlarge.bmp]
Medium Drone [dronemedium.bmp]
Large Drone [dronelarge.bmp]
Elite Infantry [eliteinfantry.bmp]


Scout [scout.bmp]
Corvette [corvette.bmp]
Heavy Destroyer [destroyerheavy.bmp]
Heavy Cruiser [cruiserheavy.bmp]
Heavy Dreadnought [dreadnoughtheavy.bmp]
Baseship [baseship.bmp]
Heavy Baseship [baseshipheavy.bmp]
Worldship [worldship.bmp]
Tiny Carrier [carriertiny.bmp]
Massive Carrier [carriermassive.bmp]
Tiny Transport [transporttiny.bmp]
Barge [barge.bmp]
Large Colony Ship [colonyshiplarge.bmp]
Resource Ship [resourceship.bmp]
Resource Station [resourcestation.bmp]
War Station [warstation.bmp]
Huge Fighter [fighterhuge.bmp]
Massive Fighter [fightermassive.bmp]
Infantry [troopinfantry.bmp]
Huge Troop [troophuge.bmp]
Corvette [corvette.bmp]
Battle Cruiser [battlecruiser.bmp]
Worldship [worldship.bmp]
Battle Station [battlestation.bmp]
Large Colony Ship [largecolonyship.bmp]
Infantry [infantry.bmp]


Massive Baseship [baseshipmassive.bmp]
Starliner [starliner.bmp]
Large Space Station [spacestationlarge.bmp]
Large Battle Station [battlestationlarge.bmp]
Medium Satellite [satellitemedium.bmp]
Large Satellite [satellitelarge.bmp]

Adamant Mod

Light Frigate [frigatelight.bmp]
Heavy Frigate [frigateheavy.bmp]
Light Destroyer [destroyerlight.bmp]
Huge Transport [transporthuge.bmp]
Cargo Station [cargostation.bmp]
Research Outpost [researchoutpost.bmp]
Space Fortress [spacefortress.bmp]
Huge Weapon Platform [weapplatformhuge.bmp]

Baseship [baseship.bmp]
Light Carrier [lightcarrier.bmp]
Heavy Carrier [heavycarrier.bmp]
Freighter [smallfreighter.bmp]
Freighter [mediumfreighter.bmp]
Freighter [largefreighter.bmp]
Small Drone [smalldrone.bmp]
Medium Drone [mediumdrone.bmp]
Large Drone [largedrone.bmp]
Small Fighter [smallfighter.bmp]
Medium Fighter [mediumfighter.bmp]
Large Fighter [largefighter.bmp]
Small Mine [smallmine.bmp]
Medium Mine [mediummine.bmp]
Large Mine [largemine.bmp]
Small Satellite [smallsatellite.bmp]
Medium Satellite [mediumsatellite.bmp]
Large Satellite [largesatellite.bmp]
Small Troop [smalltroop.bmp]
Medium Troop [mediumtroop.bmp]
Large Troop [largetroop.bmp]
Small Weapon Platform [smallweaponplatform.bmp]
Medium Weapon Platform [mediumweaponplatform.bmp]
Large Weapon Platform [largeweaponplatform.bmp]

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