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Ngrath Empire

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Author: Kwayne (other sets)
Game: SE5
Tags: n/a
Version: 1.2
Date Added: April 17, 2007
Views: 11679
Download: available
Number of Portraits: 19

A race of skilled and influential traders seeking to expand their military presence.

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Weapon Platform

The N'grathi are an amphibious race able to breathe in liquid environment for a remarkable amount of time, however their vertically stretched bipedal stature makes them feel more comfortable on land. A exceptional feature of the N'grath constitution is it's ability of flexible acclimation, which made this species resistant to critical changes their homeworld came over due to catastrophic events and industrial damage. They are relatively slender with their average 3m height, and can reach 90 years.

The foundation of the N'grath society is influence, which is possessed by numerous noble families. Their desire to gain more power over resources, trade and military might is often driving them to acts of cunning machinations. For them, trading with other races is of main importance, so the Emperor, as the representative of the nobles' interests, takes this in consideration and prefers exchanges and treaties rather than warfare to solve conflicts with the Empire's neighbors.

The N'grath is one of the few civilizations that was able to outlive the consequences of multiple natural disasters of planetary scale before it's interstellar age. The resulting resource shortages forced the N'grathi to trade by necessity, which habit had evolved into a main characteristic of this star faring society. Nowadays the nobility of the Empire strive for the exploitation of the galaxy, and maintain the ever growing imperial military forces as an imperative assurance of safely doing it.

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