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Yithian Collective

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Author: Kinetic Shipyards (other sets)
Game: SE5
Tags: organic (1)
Version: 1.0
Date Added: February 13, 2011
Views: 6855
Download: available
Number of Portraits: 25

The Yithians are an enigmatic race whose intentions change radically based on the proclivities of their current leadership council.

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Weapon Platform

Originally a symbiotic union of a stationary, liquid-dwelling barnacle-like crustacean and a free-swimming amphibious snakelike creature, the Yithian symbiote gradually evolved intelligence and grew to favor the freestanding metallic hydrogen pools of its gas giant home. Modern Yithians have nineteen agile tentacles in their upper half and a spiked, chitinous cylindrical shell as their base. They prefer the gloomy, high-pressure surfaces of their gas giant homes, but they have adapted to other environments. They communicate purely visually (even with remote communications) and their language is a complex form of semaphore.

Yithians have a hierarchical society where each individual and the group to which it evolves is ranked against its peers. Any Yithian can tell you instantly whether it is higher or lower ranked than another. The nineteen highest-ranked form the Collective Council and the highest of all is designated Chancellor. Societal rank may rise or descend depending on the success of the plans and initiatives the Yithian proposes.

One of the first Terrans encountering Yithians remarked that they looked like a creature described by an obscure 20th century horror writer and -- seeing how the Yithians had no spoken word for themselves -- the name stuck. While the fossil records show primitive Yithians had tiny sucker-based legs at their base, modern Yithians use a form of short-range quantum teleportation to move, and this change has allowed them to expand into interstellar space. Their ships are grown from a bone-like substance that can slowly regenerate. They have become increasingly expansionist in recent decades, and their growth into inhabited star systems has led to interstellar conflict. To communicate aurally with alien races, the Yithians have adopted an offshoot of Terran Hawaiian for its ease in pronunciation.

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