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Author: Voiddweller (other sets)
Game: SE5
Tags: humanoid (1)
Version: 1.1
Date Added: December 08, 2009
Views: 7463
Download: available
Number of Portraits: 19

The Vorox are merciless hunters, devoting their lives to ancient hunting gods, and wages a holy crusades against those who trespass their sacred hunting grounds.

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Weapon Platform

The Voroxiu approximately three meters tall feline humanoids. They are they look heavy and brutish, but also very agile and fast due to their predatory nature. Eons ago they developed advanced nanotechnology to enchance their natural abilities far beyound limits, and this makes Voroxiu almost unstopable in mellee fight. Stong and swift they are unmatched hunters and powerful warriors. The Voroxiu lifespan was originally 40 years, but due to their infusion with nanites, they now live much longer, about 500 years, if they not die in constant battles.

The Vorox are feudal and religious society. Believing they are chosen by gods of hunt to be an ultimate predators. Vorox fanatism gives them even more power. Hunting everything, sentient or not, Voroxians enjoy making bloody sacrifices to their gods. They respect those who resists to be hunted, fighting to the last and proves worthy. Chaotic and violent Vorox wages numerous wars and each 100 yers noble houses choose a new leader, most succesful hunter, and crusade begins.

The Vorox was changed over time, by means of genetics and nanotechnology. In their early history their world was colonized by some advanced civilization. Ignored at first, tne Voroxians have been insulted by this invasion, their very nature rise against this fact. They begin guerilla attacks against invades, and despite their primitive weapons they managed to drive tne aliens off the planet. Gained advantage of new technology, they begins a first crusade, and sacrifice defilers of their holy grounds to the gods. Now Vorox want new hunting grounds in this sector, and after discovering a Sithrak they wishes to find a Sithrak gate, and start a new great hunt.

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