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Aragonite Protectorate

Shipyards Index

Author: KineticShipyards (other sets)
Game: SE5
Tags: tera (1), terra (1), freelancer (1), se5 (1), crystalline (1)
Version: 1.1
Date Added: November 03, 2008
Views: 15069
Download: available
Number of Portraits: 27

The Aragonites are a crystalline race adapting quickly to interstellar travel and annexation.

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Race Portrait
Race Flag
Corvette Neostandard
Frigate Stock
Destroyer Stock
Light Cruiser Stock
Light Cruiser
Cruiser Stock
Battle Cruiser Neostandard
Battle Cruiser
Battleship Stock
Dreadnought Stock
Baseship Stock+
Worldship Neostandard
Light Carrier Stock+
Light Carrier
Carrier Stock
Heavy Carrier Stock+
Heavy Carrier
Space Station Stock
Space Station
Starbase Stock
Colony Ship Stock
Colony Ship
Freighter Stock+
Medium Freighter Stock
Medium Freighter
Freighter Stock+
Drone Stock
Fighter Stock
Mine Stock
Satellite Stock
Troop Stock
Weapon Platform Stock
Weapon Platform

The Aragonites are a crystalline being formed of silicon and rare metals in a wide variety of specialized arrays. In the presence of heavy elements, they can restructure their configuration slowly. They communicate through the generation and transmission of colored light and are able to speak to each other over large distances. Reproduction seems to be done by combining various seed crystals in a solution, which is, coincidentally, not much different than their method of constructing space vehicles.

The Aragonites are a collective and do not know traditional violence against each other, preferring instead to settle disputes through microscopic simulations looking for the optimal outcome. In encountering other races, however, they have developed warships to protect their holdings and drive back the more aggressive species. Their society initially seems reactive and unpredictable, but given time and enough simulations they adapt to any situation.

The Aragonites evolved in the LaGrange points of a large gas giant circling a blue giant star. For many eons they were a spaceborne species, but their central star grew unstable and they have begun to colonize planets in search of the protective effects of planetary atmospheres and magnetic fields.

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