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Pak'ma'ra Enclave

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Author: BlackSwan (other sets)
Game: SE5
Tags: babylon 5 (1)
Version: 1.0
Date Added: September 23, 2008
Views: 5660
Download: available
Number of Portraits: 20

Pak'ma'ra, in general, are an extremely intelligent and inquisitive race. To them, knowledge truly is power — pak'ma'ra statesmen are distinguished elders, and many famous pak'ma'ra are noted explorers and scientists. Pak'ma'ra believe themselves a chosen and superior people, and their ability to consume any other of the sentient species is a sign of this. Pak'ma'ra are sent all over the galaxy to observe other beings and hear new ideas. These ideas are brought back to Melat, where they are debated. Those which are logical are slowly adapted to their culture.

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Being carrion eaters, the Pak'ma'ra are less prone to infections and diseases.In addition to the rods and cones present in the eyes of most species, Pak'ma'ra can see into the ultraviolet using pyramidal cells located near the optic bundle. A Pak'ma'ra's facial tentacles are used in securing food and moving it into the mouth cavity. Their teeth are beak-like in structure. The inflexible beak makes speaking most languages impossible, so the Pak'ma'ra make extensive use of translator devices. The Pak'ma'ra usually wear a shawl and a large floor-length robe. The robes colors are usually purple and gray, the Pak'ma'ra wear the shawl to cover their hump which is really their symbiotically bonded female mates.

The Pak'ma'ra believe thought is the spirit. Pak'ma'ra culture is based on the idea that they are the "Children of God". They eat carrion in part to reflect this notion since they do not eat their own kind.

Pak'ma'ra civilization has existed for 2,000 years, changing very little until contact with other races. Habitats are organic – caves, grottoes, etc. a clustering of these form villages. Villages have gathering places where tasks are divided up by mutual agreement. Example: one group provides food, one builds, a third researches, a fourth teaches, etc. After tasks are done, meditation and discussion are made. Then tasks are divided again, each falling to a different Pak'ma'ra. Once or twice a year, Pak'ma'ra gather to discuss their lives and new knowledge gained. Once every five years, all Pak'ma'ra do this at a massive plain. Interaction with the Pak'ma'ra was possible due to the fact that they are an almost completely task-oriented society.

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