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Borg Collective

Shipyards Index

Author: Atrocities (other sets)
Game: SE4
Tags: star trek (1), kosh (1), neo-standard (1)
Version: 1.81
Date Added: October 29, 2005
Views: 7892
Download: available
Number of Portraits: 57

These cyborgs have no feeling, no emotion, no individual thought, but share in the network of thought which comprise the Collective and work as a drone at a very specific task upon activation.

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Race Portrait Mini Population Portrait
Population Portrait
Borg Collective Main
Scout Neostandard
Scout Mini
Escort Stock
Escort Mini
Corvette Neostandard
Corvette Mini
Frigate Stock
Frigate Mini
Destroyer Stock
Destroyer Mini
Heavy Destroyer Neostandard
Heavy Destroyer Mini
Heavy Destroyer
Light Cruiser Stock
Light Cruiser Mini
Light Cruiser
Cruiser Stock
Cruiser Mini
Heavy Cruiser Neostandard
Heavy Cruiser Mini
Heavy Cruiser
Battle Cruiser Stock
Battle Cruiser Mini
Battle Cruiser
Battleship Stock
Battleship Mini
Dreadnought Stock
Dreadnought Mini
Heavy Dreadnought Neostandard
Heavy Dreadnought Mini
Heavy Dreadnought
Baseship Neostandard
Baseship Mini
Heavy Baseship Neostandard
Heavy Baseship Mini
Heavy Baseship
Worldship Neostandard
Worldship Mini
Tiny Carrier Neostandard
Tiny Carrier Mini
Tiny Carrier
Light Carrier Stock
Light Carrier Mini
Light Carrier
Carrier Stock
Carrier Mini
Heavy Carrier Stock
Heavy Carrier Mini
Heavy Carrier
Massive Carrier Neostandard
Massive Carrier Mini
Massive Carrier
Tiny Transport Neostandard
Tiny Transport Mini
Tiny Transport
Small Transport Stock
Small Transport Mini
Small Transport
Medium Transport Stock
Medium Transport Mini
Medium Transport
Large Transport Stock
Large Transport Mini
Large Transport
Barge Neostandard
Barge Mini
Colony Ship Stock
Colony Ship Mini
Colony Ship
Large Colony Ship Neostandard
Large Colony Ship Mini
Large Colony Ship
Fleet Stock
Fleet Mini
Resource Ship Neostandard
Resource Ship Mini
Resource Ship
Resource Station Neostandard
Resource Station Mini
Resource Station
Space Station Stock
Space Station Mini
Space Station
Battle Station Stock
Battle Station Mini
Battle Station
Starbase Stock
Starbase Mini
War Station Neostandard
War Station Mini
War Station
Drone Stock
Drone Mini
Small Fighter Stock
Small Fighter Mini
Small Fighter
Medium Fighter Stock
Medium Fighter Mini
Medium Fighter
Large Fighter Stock
Large Fighter Mini
Large Fighter
Huge Fighter Neostandard
Huge Fighter Mini
Huge Fighter
Massive Fighter Neostandard
Massive Fighter Mini
Massive Fighter
Fighter Group Stock
Fighter Group Mini
Fighter Group
Mine Stock
Mine Mini
Mine Group Stock
Mine Group Mini
Mine Group
Satellite Stock
Satellite Mini
Satellite Group Stock
Satellite Group Mini
Satellite Group
Infantry Neostandard
Infantry Mini
Small Troop Stock
Small Troop Mini
Small Troop
Medium Troop Stock
Medium Troop Mini
Medium Troop
Large Troop Stock
Large Troop Mini
Large Troop
Huge Troop Neostandard
Huge Troop Mini
Huge Troop
Small Weapon Platform Stock
Small Weapon Platform Mini
Small Weapon Platform
Medium Weapon Platform Stock
Medium Weapon Platform Mini
Medium Weapon Platform
Large Weapon Platform Stock
Large Weapon Platform Mini
Large Weapon Platform
Big Explosion
Big Explosion

The Borg are a race of "enhanced" humanoids native to the Delta Quadrant. Originally completely organic, their evolutionary path led them to create a highly effective hive social structure that achieves a collective consciousness through cybernetic implants.

The immense knowledge of all the assimilated Borg minds function as one, and each Borg is part of a giant subspace communications network called the Borg Collective. All critical information is relayed to each Borg through this network, allowing the instantaneous adaptation and reaction to any outside factors. The hive society of the Borg is extremely specialized: the decisions are not made by the Borg themselves, rather, the needs of the Collective determines their actions.

The Borg race was once a humanoid race of beings very similar to humans. However a catastrophic even occurred which nearly caused the extinction of their race. In order to survive those remaining agreed to the reticule ideas of a long female scientist. They would combine their minds, their thoughts, their knowledge into a "collective" in order to bring about rapid advancements that would save their race from extinction. Shortly after everyone was fitted with the device that would allow them to become inter linked, the neural net was activated, and everyone on the planet became one mind and only one mind, say for the lone Scientist who had created the technology. She alone was the only individual within the "Collective." It was during the early days of the Borg Collective when a lone space vessel fell from the stars, it had traveled through some sort of gravitational anomaly and crashed upon their world. The Borg repaired the device and in return it showed them that they, The Collective, were not alone in the stars. That the Galaxy had at least one other race, a race advanced enough to build V'Ger. This was nearly twenty five thousand years ago. From this point forward the Borg history is one of assimilation of new technology, entire races over a thousand worlds, and trillion minds. "Resistance is Futile."

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