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Gamey Tactics Listing

This list is provided as is for multiplayer game hosts to consider various actions that may or may not be considered to be dishonorable (ie: gamey) actions. It is not a listing of what the author feels is gamey, but what many players thought was gamey. Game hosts can use the list to create their own list of banned tactics for their game.

The list was compiled with suggestions from the community by Imperator Fyron in the Gamey Tactics and Bug Exploits Thread over on Shrapnel Games Intel Forums way back in 2003.

1. Trading with AIs or with human empires that you know are currently under AI control.

2. Building multiple training facilities on each planet in a sector (moons) to multiply the training rate.

3. Retroseries building.

4. Surrendering to allies to merge empires together.

5. Surrendering to an ally or other 3rd party to keep what is left of your empire from going to the enemy.

6. Surrendering your empire when you just want to leave the game.

7. Surrendering to the empire attacking you.

8. Intelligence projects.

9. Gifting/trading planets.

10. Gifting a planet for the primary purpose of keeping another player alive.

11. Tech sharing.

12. Gifting/trading population.

13. Gifting/trading colony techs.

14. Min/maxing empire setup.

15. Allies laying mines in the same sector to get more than 100 mines in it.

16. Turtling yourself into a corner using Warp Point closers and System Gravitational Shields.

17. Declaring war on an ally and attacking at the same turn.

18. Moving ships over enemy planets and then declaring war to bypass mine fields.

19. Email diplomacy between players when races haven't met in the game yet.

20. Gifting/trading ships.

21. Gifting ships to an ally to get around the maximum ship limits.

22. Allied victory or Last Man Standing victory conditions must be chosen and declared, or there will usually be some friction towards the end of the game.

23. Talismans.

24. Using annoying/deceptive shipsets and informing people of what ship set you will be using prior to game start.

25. Emergency building when there is no emergency.

26. Pre-arranged alliances in non-explicitly team games.

27. Using an empty (no population) colonizer to:
- acquire ruin tech in hostile territory
- set up an outpost in hostile territory
- prevent enemy capture of a planet, especially a desirable planet. (Usually done in disputed territory.

28. Requesting a turn to be reprocessed.

29. Abandoning a colony that has enemy troops besieging it.

30. Giving all of your ships the same name.

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2005-03-19 (12567 reads)

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