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Dark Nova 4.29 fix list

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Joined: Aug 04, 2003
Location: BC, Canada

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:29 pm    Post subject: Dark Nova 4.29 fix list Reply with quote

Recently, there's been renewed interest in Dark Nova 4 on the PBW2 site. After playing several turns of a new game, I've compiled a list of fixes to put out into v4.29. I've got a fair amount of 'hotel time' next month because of work so I'm looking at getting this update out for then.

I wanted to post here my proposed fix-list so that I can get feedback and (hopefully) suggestions from others on what else should be on this list or options for how to make some of the proposed improvements.

-increase kt of unique/racial hulls (+ other benifit?)
-increase range of unique/racial hulls to full range (dreadnaughts. worldships?)
-increase production from hybrid resource facilities
-Reduce size of Shells
-increase power of unique racials (almost even with racial?)
-increase power of Enhances techs
-nuclear/fission reactor, fusion reactor, anti-matter reactor (weaker versions of quantum reactor)
-better balance PD weapons (lasers & Flak should do more damage. normal PD should do less than others)
-remove colony slug ship
-adjust speed of transports (too fast compared to other hulls)
-add Dark Nova Reboot empires
--- Dark Star Alliance
--- Black-Star Hegemony
--- Star Empire of Terra
--- Interstellar Confederacy
--- Cardassian Union
--- Tal'Rann Hive Imperium
--- Meropa Hive
--- Andorian Consortium
-add Devnull mod unique techs
-change Devnull mod unique techs to 5 levels
-psychic Intel ability
-change hand arms to 1st level?
- More Projectile weapon types:
--- Mass Driver Cannon
--- Gauss Cannon
--- Mag-Lev Projector
--- Rail Gun
- More Missile types
--- Sprint Missile (staple in many mods now)
--- Anti-Fighter Missile. Seeker. targets fighters, sats, drone. CSM-tpyw dmg, long range.
--- Close Assault Missile. Heavy dmg, short range torpedo. targets base, ships.
--- Heavy CSM. very heavy dmg, strong, very long range. larger kt than CSM.
--- Tactical Missile. Heavy dmg at short/medium range. light dmg at max range. Otherwise same as CSM. Heavy resistance.
- More Energy Weapons (Streamed and Pulsed)
--- Null-Space Torpedo (seeker)
-redo cybernetic tech
-redo neural unique tech?
-improve CHON hull size
-increase/adjust combat option for non-military ships (worse in combat)
-add larger hybrid resource facility options (home world options)
-decrease cost of home world facilities
-shells- look at 'spacer' components to keep all current levels of shells visible (organic and crystal shells)
-change/reduce tech requirments for Arcologies/homeworld facilities
-change solar sails/laser sails if only sails +2 propulsion

Nick (bearclaw)

"You don't know the Power of the Dark Side. I must obey my Master"

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