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Joined: Jun 02, 2008

PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:12 pm    Post subject: Update Info Reply with quote

Just wanted to let people know where they can post their questions at about the Crimson Concept Mod, if anybody has any.

Info on this Mod can be found here: : Info and Notes


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Joined: Jun 02, 2008

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just to let people know whats in this Mod here's a quick run of the concepts :

Pod Missile
A missile component that is tolled outside the ship. To create this effect the component has very a reload time, zero tonnage size, and each missile slow down the ship more.

Plague Spreader
Spreads plague from planet to planet with the Ai understanding and reacting to the new event.

Facilities size changes
To make facilities more realistic in the game. Note that nothing else was change because I did not want to slow down the pace any.

Commercial Mount
Create a lower quality weapon for cheap of all direct fire and Point Defense components. This represent the difference in military, ei standard, products and Commercial products.

Balance Missile/fighter to Point Defense Cannon: minor
Wanting a better balcance between missile/fighter vs Point defense cannon without messing up the balance of the rest of the game.

Add Mods
Romulus's Government, Social and Racial Trait Doctrines V 1.02, Dvoongar's Doctrines Mod 0.94

Counter Fighters : minor
Counter fighter group combined fire power. The ability to negate damage to all ship/base armors was added. This armor will give the advantage in the early game to armor, but weaken that advantage as the game goes on. This is similar to how IRM handle fighter combine fire power.

Improve the importance of home worlds and older worlds
This was done by increasing the amount of facilities that a planet could hold, which in turn increase the amount of resources produced. The facilities production amount were not cut because of the preference of keep the pace of game going. There are four tiers of facilities to achieve this goal.
1. Metropolis : This facility increases the amount of space on a planet.
2. Arcology : Controls the number of M. and increases the amount of cargo space on a planet.
3. Colony World Center : Control the number of A and increase the number of population total.
4. World Shell : Allows the number of facilities to double.

Diminish Return System
To create the wastefulness of a large government by removing a percentage of resources including research from that empire every turn. The effect of this is that that large empire advantages over small empires is equal out. The percent is base on the number of planets a empire has. This system can only be counter to by the Budget Bureau facility which only reduces the total number of planets counted. This reduction value is 1 :.2 per planet. The AI is not affected by this concept.

Equals out the ship yard
First the limits on the facility were removed. Then the size of the facility was double. Then to show the general population displeasure with heavy industry in their neighbor a negative happiness value was added.

Harder to kill a population from space
People are small and a gun in space should have a problem killing millions with one shot. So the hit points of a population were increase to 250. This is about half the damage done by a planet bomb. And all normal damage type weapons were reduce to.1 when attacking general population.

Diplomacy cultural victory
This system causes planet to leave one empire and join another. The revolt is due to the first empire lack of or weak cultural ID when compare to another. The new victory style is for players who want to try and win the game with min war effort. Now the cultural point system is based on new facilities, ships levels, the relation between 2 empires, and happiness of planets. The counter to this new system is the same elemets that create it.

Soylent Modular
Help empires produce resources out of a great renewable source, It's people. Plus it helps keep planets inline, a must for any dictator. No AI support.

Random Research Mod Script
Added "Random Research Mod" script. Has AI support.

Planetary Yard
A ship yard facility that does not allow ships and bases to be built on planets, but does increase their construction rate. Has AI support.

Slave facilities
Adds slave facilities to the game for evil dictators. These facilities are smaller, on average, but produce resources at the same or slightly high rate. Side effects of using the facilities include a general disloyalty to the empire by the Pop and increase chances of rioting, rebelling, Pop death, and STD (Plague). This concept has AI support.

Equal out Large vs Small Ship : minor
Larger ships are cheaper to maintain, so I reduced the maintenance cost for ships larger than a cruiser class. This should off set the swarm effect of the smaller ship.

Increase troop to Population ratio
Changed the number of Militia troop amount per Population to reflect a 10 to 1 value. This I believe is a more realistic value and in line with the U.S. ratio, plus makes taking planets a lot more fun Smile[/b]

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Joined: Jun 02, 2008

PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Just added a Concept Tech Chart to my site, Click Here to download. It is design to help players find the techs that allow them to access the Concepts and what you get out of it when you research the Tech.

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