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New Dragonstar Designs

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:40 pm    Post subject: New Dragonstar Designs Reply with quote

Good day, officers. I am here from Dragonstar Industries to highlight a few new ship designs, fresh from our engineers' minds. But these are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill ships. No no. We are looking to revolutionize the way we think about our fleets.


    Your typical assault destroyer has one or more 60-80mm Maser Cannons, combat speed 3 and some combo of shields and armor. A medium-range combat vessel with a firing rate of 2.

    The Lighting is different. It addresses the biggest problem with our destroyers: speed. Our enemies utilize long range weapons, such as missiles. And with combat speed 3, they can keep pace with most of our warships attempting to close. Not the Lightning. She can do combat speed 4, giving the necessary edge to get within range.

    Ideally, we consider the Lightning a good warp point defender. Since these battles start closer, it will not take long before the Lightning is within range. And once that happens, the repeated fire of her Plasma Cannon should make quick work of enemy missile ships.


    Despite repeated pleas, the Senate has yet to do anything about fighter propulsion. It appears we cannot look to the Scientific community for a solution. We here at Dragonstar turned to the Engineering community. What if instead of the fighters catching up with the warships, the warships simply bring the fighters with them?

    The result is the Mongrel-class. She will be listed as a carrier, but use a destroyer hull. In fact most of her will be built just like an assault destroyer. 80mm Maser Cannon. Shields and armor. Designed to charge in and attack. Only this warship comes with a small fighter bay and 300kT of cargo space. Enough to carry a modest fighter force for protection. And with the Mongrel keeping pace with the rest of the warships, her fighters will be there at the beginning of the fight.

    The Mongrel should excel in open-space battles, where both fleets have time to launch fighters. She is best matched up with anti-missile or anti-fighter craft. Simulations using Dragonstar F-11 Starlight fighters displayed particular effectiveness against missile ships. In 2-to-1 against, the Mongrel was able to take out at least one missile ship with minimal damage.

    Note: We are also working on an assault carrier modeled after a point defense ship. Imagine reversing the roles. The "warship" protects a modest group of bombers she launches.

We hope you will consider these designs when putting in requests for new warships.

And even if you do not want these ships, I personally hope the concepts alone will help your design teams come up with more creative experimental blueprints for future fleets.

Prophet, CEO Dragonstar Industries

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