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STRATEGY: Emergency tactics and tech updates

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Space Emperor

Joined: May 09, 2005

PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 10:14 pm    Post subject: STRATEGY: Emergency tactics and tech updates Reply with quote

<The Palantir flashes to life. The image of Admiral Paulus appears within it.>

Out intelligence services inform me that the recent lull in monster activity is a result of them directing their energies towards expanding their production capabilities. If this is so, then we will all be sorely tested in the coming months.
I have also been informed that several members of the Galactic Council feel that they are insufficiently equipped to defend themselves against monster incursions. Therefore I propose we all present our best tactics for thwarting monster incursions, so that we may learn from each other's experiences and update our forces accordingly.

Firstly, it appears that each strain of Space Monster prefers different combat tactics. The Ironseed Ascendancy's fearesome Vindicator type monster employs shields and many long range beam weapons. It engages at maximum range (around 12) allowing them maximum use of their inherent defensive capabilites to help them avoid counterfire. The Binary AI's most dangerous monster, the Algorithm seems to favor different tactics. It features no armor, but has tremendously powerful shields. It is equipped with a number of shorter ranged (max range 7) energy dischargers, and will close to short range and slug it out with its oppponents. Notably, it features no point defense devices at all, leaving it very vulnerable to missiles, fighters, and mines.

We have found only two types of weapons to be effective against monsters. Advanced torpedoes and missiles. We have always favored torpedoes, so our experience with missiles is limited.
The following information is extremely classified.
Our current, state of the art warship is designated as the Immortal v2. It is built on a destroyer hull (660kt). In order to close with the extremely fast Vindicator monsters (combat speed 6) it features enough Induction engines to provide 15 standard movement, and a combat speed of 8. It mounts three Quantum torpedoes modified to increase their accuracy. These are improved by targetting sensors and a defensive ECM suite. Finally, the ship mounts over 100 kts of advance light armor.
According to our simulations, four of these ships are capable of defeating a Vindicator in open combat most of the time, with five bringing the odds of victory to near certainty. They are slightly less effective against Algorithms, requiring 5 to 1 superiority for a reasonable chance of victory.
Unfortunately these ships are extremely expensive, so it will be impossible to effectively police all of our systems and defeat large fleets of monsters in open space. We will therefore rely heavily on planet-based weapons platforms. For this purpose we must emphasize the importance of the Quantum Torpedo and its organic equivalent. In ground batteries these weapons are capable of matching the range of the best monster weapons, and are extremely accurate as well. Our current weapon platform, the Bastion, mounts three heavy quantum torpedoe ground batteries. These are protected by 60kts of advance light armor. An advance targeting system is also included. Just five of these platforms can stop any known Space Monster cold.

As a final note positioning large mine fields on warppoints can hinder the monsters in traveling from system to system without their wormholes. While not always effective and requiring large numbers of mines, they can limit the monster's movements and damage them for your ships to finish off. According to our tests, it takes just over 50 mines to overwhelm the defenses of a Vindicator type monster. The Algorithm mounts no defenses and thus will suffer damage immediately. However, it is almost assured that the Binary AI will alter its designs to provide point defense in the near future, so this vulnerability is fleeting.

I hope you find this information useful in designing your own defenses. If you lack the technology to reproduce our designs, send a request through the usual channels and we will provide you with prototypes as quickly as possible.

<The palantir dims>

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