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My tweaked version of BM 1.19 (because I can't wait for 1.20

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Space Emperor

Joined: Sep 13, 2009

PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2014 7:11 pm    Post subject: My tweaked version of BM 1.19 (because I can't wait for 1.20 Reply with quote


After playing in Balance Mod for a while, I've come to a quite tweaked version of the Balance Mod which I think can be more fun to play. Some features planned for BM 1.20, like lasers and new PD weapons, are here too.

Two major differences from standard Balance Mod are:
1) two versions for most guns - basic gun 20-30kt (can target fighters, cannot use mounts), and heavy gun 40-50kt (2-2,5x damage, 1,5x reload time, +20 range, cannot target fighters, can use mounts, require at least Light Cruiser hull.
2) Rebalanced fighters, they are harder to hit by basic guns (+10 def), but very fragile (nerfed small arm/small shields and reduced small engine structure) and vulnerable to PD (+20 att to all PD guns, seeker defence also +20).

Download link:

Also in mod:
- Added racial PD weapons: PD shard cannon, PD discharge, PD TK projector, PD time-distortion burst. All PD weapons require both "Point-Defence Weapons" and appropriate standart weapons techs. PD shard cannon is especially deadly against early-game fighters. PD beam and blaster are available earlier - for lvl1 component they require lvl1 PD weapons and lvl1 energy-stream or energy-pulse weapons. All PD weapon tonnage decreased to 15 kt.

- Added lasers as early-game beam weapon with long range, high accuracy and low damage. PD lasers are standard secondary PD weapon for all races from the beginnig.

- Organic weapons are more diversified: acid globules have Burn Armor damage type and accuracy decreases at twice the normal rate, electric discharges - accuracy decreases at half the normal rate, plasma charges - increased range. Small Acid Globules have reduced damage and range.

- Added Small Plasma missiles and Small Alloy-Burner missiles. Most small guns have increased tonnage (from 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4) and reduced reload time (to 1500 ms). Increased range and damage for small ripper beams and small meson blasters to make them more competitive against small AP beams.

- Attack bonus of base/WP/satellites are implemented as vehicle abilities instead of weapon mount's and added to PD guns as well, making these units highly effective against fighters and seekers.

- Troops are 2X larger and get +20 attack bonus and weapon mounts with increased range and damage, so they can hold pretty well against fighters. Typical troop design has only one gun.

- Most special weapons (those with damage in milliseconds) have tonnage reduced to 30 kt

- Increased tonnage of Light Cruisers, Cruisers, Battleships and Dreadnoughts to 480-550, 650-750, 850-1050 and 1250-1500kt, respectively. Light Cruisers have 8 engines.

- Improved AI ship designs. Missile ships use less tonnage for armor/shields and more for weapons, their weapon choice is shifted toward more seekers of one type to pass trough PD fire better. Typical missile battleship has up tp 250kt of seekers, missile dreadnought - 350-400kt. Other ships don't mix different seekers too, for example, Jraenar atk/def ships switch from AM torps to Grav Hellbores completely as soon as latter are available, while their missile ships stick to AM/Quantum torps. To have more fun with Alloy Burner missile I added missile ships and missile WPs for Xiati. Shield depleters added for all crystalline units.

- Some forgotten weapons are now used in AI ship designs, for example, Ionic dispersers are used by Amonkrie. All Psychic and Crystalline special weapons are used at some point on attack or defence ships.

- High-Energy Discharge weapons are available from Physics lvl2, while Energy-stream and energy-pulse weapons - from Physics lvl3

Future plans include special smaler versions of engines, shields and sensors for Frig/Destr/drone/sat to increase the difference between smallest and largest ships, some way toward the Capship Mod by Ed Kolis.

New component graphic sources are free to download and use by everybody:
Script source files:

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