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New components or related bugs thread

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Joined: Jul 03, 2008

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:10 am    Post subject: New components or related bugs thread Reply with quote

OK as topic, this is for new or improved ideas or bugs (non BSG format or description error etc) or tech level/ area its in, into BSG related components, please give your ideas

(please state if its a new / improved / bug related idea when you post)

heres some of mine :

1) KEV turret difference for automatic and manned version (improved + New idea)

a )Automatic KEV requires "Aiming computer" (new component for computer tech)

to run on a ship as perquisite tech, and if possible, one aiming computer can only work for 4 auto KEVs, also if the ship is being targeted by computer virus (like what cyclons did XD) the turrets go off, but auto version has more accuracy than manned but less faster fire rate (non trigger happy)

b) Manned KEV requires more crew on a ship, for example one manned KEV requires 50 men per turret

(so if your ship has a crew for 500 men you can place 10 kev manned guns if the ship weight limit permits)

, but doesn't require any aiming computer, can shoot faster than auto version but less accurate (vs computer targeting)

2) ( descriptive bug related)

a)the dradis and combat sensors, are they the same component? since they look the same, but their description doesn't really say if you have dradis do you need normal / combat sensors?

b) Flight deck description doesn't mention what units they can lunch

3) (New ideas )

a) how about a new medical component for ship : "sick bay" (tech level lower than medical bay) just to cure plague on ships and add resistant to radioactive warhead effect and biological weapon effect on ships crew?

b) "fighter training cock pits" can add fighters lunch rate and combat bonus (both attack and defense) but like you said there must be at least one fighter lunch pod and at least one flight deck (any level) on that ship to deploy this component

c) "Soldier training room", must have one boarding party and security post on that ship to place this new component

and cant the values for the attack and defense points given to the boarding party's (i meant marines) on ships be altered when this is on a ship with that component? like how ship mount alters guns

d) "CAG room", add experience points to ship every turn (like the mobile version of ship training facility on planets we have right now)

and gives combat bonuses to AA weapons (point to point weapons hit rate? as to present the fighters are doing better at escorting due to better planning and command and also the CAG room can coordinate kill zone between fighters and AA guns),

and this can also be a "MUST" component for carrier hull designs (make sense)

Only one per ship permitted

e) a smaller version of science lab in the same tech area but lower tech requirement, the "on board science quarter" (1/10 the research points given each turn) but way lighter than science lab like maybe 30 KT

Only one per ship permitted

f) "The brick" components, Only one per ship permitted, adds ship security (defense value on board when boarded)

g) "Arms locker" (small / large versions seperetly), Only one per ship permitted (cant be at once on same ship, and large locker requires bigger hull ships design like at least at cruiser level) gives a "Times" value to ordenience storage, small gives X 2 value, large X 4,

It is nesscary for this new component as fighters and gun mountd use up ordeinces too fast from a ship (id always have trouble for even two fighter strikes before i lost all my ordeince)

H) "Arms factory" new component on ship (also small and large version but only one version on one ship alone with large only placeable on large hulls for at least a cruiser design)

it generates ordeince per turn on ship, its a cannon setting too, as a normal battlestar has its own arms factory to produce shells and ammo when they have resource

4) (tech level )

a) FBS tech for point defense needs to be lowered, its a way easier tech than the others in that tech while its harder to get

5) (tech function + new idea)

a) Is it possible that if a industry bay can only produce fighter and shuttles? cause i don't want my battlstars being able to produce battlestars lol but i would want them to produce fighters and shuttles (raptors)

while next 2 levels of the industrial component on ship should only be optional for or above battleship and heavy carrier class only

(level 2 NEW component which should properly be named "ship assemble yard" )

to only build fighters / shuttles / satellite / drones / mines / weapon platform

while level 3 industrial component (i think its the "industrial yard"?)only for star bases uses to construct every unit (ships and all )and space structure

b) Gun mount on weapon weight effect is too large, id say for now large mount shold add 25 % of weight, huge adds 50 % (right now 50 % and 100 %)

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Space Emperor

Joined: Oct 19, 2008
Location: Bet you wanna know eh? So do I.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 7:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

About the industrial bay:
The industrial bay should be able to produce battlestars, but it should take time. Of course the battlestar is assembled outside the ship. The industrial bay should be ineffective compared to planetary construction facilities, but still better than going back to pick up more fighters.

I think there should be more "nomadic" components. I have already tried, and a ship component can for example work as a space port. There are a number of other things that a ship component can do as well (research, intel, production). Some components capable of that would be good. Perhaps a big ship capable of using huge "defence facilities" and maintianance reducing recycling units. Most of these are already in the mod, but could perhaps be researched in a separate tech tree, or have other versions on one.

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Joined: Jul 03, 2008

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some bugs on 4.4, crew quarters and large version both says it gives 500 crew members

PS: what happened to the CIC and CAG room? i cant find them lol

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Joined: Apr 07, 2009

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sadly weapon and aiming computer idea cannot be incorporated, as dradis already give the combat bonus and we cannot check it a ship has a component before placing another one.

As for CAG well the combat bonus will apply to the ship not fighter. Weapon Locker, is pretty much the same as supply storage. What we can do for carrier, is give a % bonus on ordnance storage.

Ordnance generation AKA Munition factory will be included, to know when watch the devlopment thread for when it will be ready.

Industrial bay and such well im not quite sure how we can only build fighter and not ship but ill try to see if it can be made.

Combat sensor only give combat bonus and need a basic sensor to see at distance, dradis is a mix of both.

Sick bay yes it could be made but it cant protect crew of bio weapon and radioactive warhead ( unless im mistaken )

Soldier trainning room, its possible ill try to make it.

Science lab smaller its coming as soon i get a picture.

Arms locker ( its basicly the supply storage but some ship will have bonus in storing these ressource such as the carrier class ship and cargo ship also some of the bigguer ship.

FSB is quite powerfull when you can build them, so i dont think it will change.

With new weapon rebalance all weapon will be reduced by 4 in size ressource and firepower, Mount will be less of a nightmare.

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