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Financial help Available.

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Space Emperor

Joined: Sep 22, 2007

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:35 am    Post subject: Financial help Available. Reply with quote


Fortuitous Investments, Inc. (or Fii, for short) offers many financial services from it's many offices Federation-wide. These include loans with flexible payment schedules and interest rates as low as 0.2% per month. There are also our newly expanded Certificates of Deposit available with dividends as high as 14%, as well as the Fii Managed Market Fund which can help you put the Commodities Market to work for you. We also now offer Spoilage Insurance, with possible monthly rates as low as 0.1% the insured amount.


Spoilage Insurance

Running out of room in your Minerals warehouses? Are your grain bins overflowing with Lirkethian Barley? Or perhaps your Radioactives bunkers are starting to have an eerie glow? If so, we can help. Fii now offers Spoilage Insurance. You choose the amount that you wish to insure, along with the term length of the insurance policy. With that information (along with some internal variables), we calculate how much your monthly premium will be. We offer Premiums which could be as low as 0.1% the coverage amount1 2. The Rates for monthly Premiums are listed below.

--1 to 5 month terms: 3% of the insured amount + 0.1% per 5000 covered.1
--6 to 10 month terms: 2% of the insured amount + 0.3% per 5000 covered.1
--Set it and forget it (indefinite term):.5% of the insured amount + 0.6% per 5000 covered.1

For example, if you insure against 4,000 of spoilage for 5 months, the monthly premium could be as low as 4. And if you DO happen to have spoilage of, for this example, 2,000, Fii will cut you a check for 2,000 the next month. Note, however, that this would reduce the available coverage in our example to 2,000 2. Adequate notice will, of course, be given when your Policy is due for renewal.
1. All Rates will be multiplied by Fii's Storage Capacity Percentage before calculating Premiums.
2. Claims against the policy will reduce the available Coverage by the Claim amount.



Emergencies are a fact of life. Despite the best laid plans, sometimes you just don't have the capital you need to stave off the latest plague or restock your fighter supply in a hurry. Often, you are just a little short of just one specific resource. Fii can help. We offer loans with a variety of payment schedules to fit almost any situation, with interest rates as low as 0.167% per month.

Loans will be made at the current market exchange rate (as determined by Fii analysts) with an additional fixed interest rate; the interest rate will be dependent on the payment schedule. This means that you can pay back a loan in a different commodity than the loan was made in; we like to call that the Astorax Special. Our current traditional loan interest rates are as follows 1:

--5 to 9 month plans: 2% APR, compounded monthly.
--10 to 14 month plans: 3.2% APR, compounded monthly.
--15 to 19 month plans: 4.4% APR, compounded monthly.
--20 to 24 month plans: 5.6% APR, compounded monthly.
--25 to 29 month plans: 6.8% APR, compounded monthly.
--30 to 40 month plans: 8% APR, compounded monthly.
1. The interest rate is also modified by a proprietary internal modifier.
*Credit worthiness will also impact the interest rates.
*Prepayment of the remaining principal is allowed, but there is a prepayment fee of 5% of the remaining principal.
*In the case of delinquent payments, that month's interest will be added to the loan principal.
*Accounts 6 months overdue will be in default, and assets may be ceased to collect the debt.
*Rules and Interest Rates current as of 2413.3, but are subject to change without notice.
*This institution must maintain a 5% capitalization rate at all times. Due to this limitation, there may be some instances when an otherwise credit worthy customer may be denied service.


Certificates of Deposit

Fii CDs offer an opportunity to earn interest on a safe, secure investment. Buy a CD for 1000 of any one resource (you can buy up to sixteen CDs, or up to four of any one commodity). After the time duration has passed, the CD matures and pays out the dividend associated with the duration. There are three CD durations available:

--A 1 year CD carries a 5% dividend, or pays out 1050.
--A 2 year CD carries a 9% dividend, or pays out 1090.
--A 3 year CD carries a 14% dividend, or pays out 1140.
*There is an 15% fee for early withdrawal.
*This institution must maintain a 5% capitalization rate at all times. Due to this limitation, there may be some instances when some customers may be denied service.


Fii Managed Market Fund

The Market can be a very confusing, frustrating institution. However, it is also an amazing machine for growing wealth! For those who of you who have better things to do with your time than trying to figure out how to get the Market to work for you, we can help. Stop letting your money just SIT there in storage, doing nothing. Buy shares in the Fii Managed Market Fund, and put your money to work FOR you.

As the FMMF makes trades in the Market, it's net worth will change. 1 Each share is worth the net worth of the fund divided by the total number of shares available. Therefore, when the fund profits, your Share Price goes up. Note that Fii charges a nominal fee for managing this fund. 2 3 4 Share Price and availability are listed here. For up to the minute Share Prices, contact your local agent.5 6 As you can see, you can always know exactly how much your portfolio is worth. We look forward to having you as a shareholder!
1. All mutual funds carry a certain amount of risk. You may lose money on your investment in the Fund. The Fund is subject to management risk because it is an actively managed fund. The Fund may not achieve it's objective if the adviser's expectations regarding particular securities or markets are not met.
2. Fii charges an annual fund management fee of 1% the value of the customer's portfolio, collected on the first month of each year.
3. Delinquent fee payments will accrue interest at 5% per month.
4. Should the customer be 6 months or more delinquent in paying any fees, Fii reserves the right to repossess Shares in order to collect upon fees owed. Any change due after such a repossession shall be credited toward the future payment of any Fii fees.
5. All share buy/sell orders will be entered in the order they are received.
6. All share buy/sell orders will be processed at the current Share Price.


As you can see, Fii offers a variety of financial services. To open a new account, see our next available agent. No matter what service you may choose, we look forward to doing business with you!

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