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Romanian Treachery

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Galactic Guru

Joined: Aug 04, 2003
Location: CA, USA

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2005 9:01 pm    Post subject: Romanian Treachery Reply with quote

The Zhentaran military defense vessel Tarik 0003 was on a routine border patrol mission in the Gergan system. All of the alien species in the region were peaceful and there were no pirate marauders to deal with. It was a day like any other.

Suddenly, four escort sized vessels constructed in the Romanian style appeared through the warp point. The Zhentara Martial Republic and the Romanian Revivalist Dominion were trade partners, so there was no reason for alarm. The commanding telkar of the vessel ordered a transmission to be made, "Greetings Romanian vessels. What are your intentions in this sector?" No responding transmission was received.

After a few moments of silence, the tactical operations ilzhar spoke in grave tones, "telkar, I am detecting weapons port activities from the Romanian vessels. 4 incoming missiles detected!"

In cool tones, the telkar gave his orders, "I want these scum off of my screens immediately. Initiate evasive actions."

Tarik 0003 maneuvers into firing range. The depleted uranium cannons were fired on the first Romanian aggressor before it had a chance to launch any missiles. The first salvo managed to destroy its weapons array, effectively crippling it.

The evasive flight pattern adopted by Tarik 0003 allowed the ship to effectively evade one of the three missiles heading towards it. The other two slammed into it's sides, causing minor structural damage.

"Damage report!" barked the telkar.

"Only minor damage, telkar. We can still give these dogs what they deserve!"

Only the previously crippled Romanian vessel was within weapons range. It exploded in a ball of fire with the next depleted uranium salvo.

"Telkar, the Romanian vessels have slowed to a crawl," reported the tactical ilzhar. "They appear to be out of fuel."

"Excellent!" remarked the telkar. "They've come to play but have forgotten their toys, eh boys?" A raucous round of laughter ensued amongst the bridge crew.

Tarik 0003 proceeded to dispatch 2 more of the invading Romanian vessels. The fourth was in pursuit.

To the communications ilzhar, the telkar of Tarik 0003 said, "Transmit a message demanding their immediate surrender, ilzhar."

"Telkar! The enemy vessel has turned around and is accelerating towards us."

"Fools," muttered the telkar. "Destroy them!"

The Tarik 0003 opened fire on the remaining Romanian vessel, ripping it apart.

Smarter than your average Texrak.

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Galactic Guru

Joined: Aug 04, 2003
Location: CA, USA

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 6:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Months had passed with numerous Zhentaran diplomatic envoys completely ignored by the Romanians. Prospects for a peaceful resolution were looking grim.

Then, in 2405.1, the Romanians sent raiders to two different border systems. These new vessels were much larger than anything seen previously from the Romanians. They were sleek and elegant, in the shape of a three pronged claw reaching out to rake their targets. In their haught arrogance, the Romanians only sent lone vessels in their strikes.

Unfortunately for the aggressors, the Zhentaran defense forces were ready for them. Two Tanarān class destroyers lay in ambush at the Gergan warp point with orders to fire on any armed Romanian vessels that came through.

The battle opened with a strafing maneuver by the Zhentaran defenders. They flew closely past the attacking Romanian vessel, unleashing a deadly barrage of depleted uranium shells into its sides. A deluge of fuel leaked into space from the massive ruptures in the engine systems of the Romanian vessel. In return, the Romanian fired its lone depleted uranium cannon and a single missile at the Tanarān 0031, destroying two of its depleted uranium cannons and causing minor damage to its engines.

As soon as they were reloaded, the Tanarān vessels opened another broadside at the Romanian. Its remaining engine systems were destroyed.

The Tanarān destroyers continued their strafing run and flew past the Romanian, to the limit of weapons range. They executed a 180 degree turn and continued pelting the Romanian, utterly destroying it. The impressive black and red Romanian vessel was no match for the heavily armed Tanarān destroyers.

Elsewhere, in the Benezar system, the second battle went even worse for the maurading Romanian destroyer. Later reports confirmed that both vessels were of the same makeup.

Benezar was a frontier system, sandwiched between two different alien empires. It was one of the farthest arms from the Zhentaran homeworld, Zyr. As a result, it received more defensive funding than most other systems. Fortunately, the other neighboring empire, the Pentithles Union, was far more agreeable than the Romanians.

The maurading Romanian destroyer was faced with 2 frigates and 2 destroyers. The opening barrage of depleted uranium shells crippled it. All of its weapon systems and most of its engines were obliterated. The demands for surrender by the commanding zhael were ignored. The Zhentaran defenders had no choice but to destroy the crippled Romanian vessel.

Smarter than your average Texrak.

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