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House Bifrost Naval Doctrine and Planned TOE

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Space Emperor

Joined: May 17, 2007

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 5:03 am    Post subject: House Bifrost Naval Doctrine and Planned TOE Reply with quote

Bifrost Naval Doctrine
The holdings of House Bifrost are currently distributed among five star systems. This wide dispersal is the primary factor influencing House Bifrost doctrine and design. The use of relatively static groups of ships in each system is impractical since limited number of military grade vessels in the fleet would be too widely spread and unable to support one another. Instead a small number of mobile formations are to be raised.

The standard force is to be the Defense Squadron, the standard complement of ships in such a formation being two military grade warships supported by six civilian combat auxiliaries. The requirement to be able to rapidly redeploy to counter developing threats requires ships that have a high maximum speed. For this reason House Bifrost designs tend to sacrifice some protection and firepower to allow for a greater number of engines than more conventional ships designed for similar roles.

The formations used by House Bifrost are based upon the Division/Squadron/Flotilla/Task Group organisation used by the Free Worlds Star Navy. An additional formation classification used is that of the Demi-Squadron. These formations comprise five to seven ships and represent approximately half the strength of a true squadron.

The 20-in-20 Plan
The leadership of House Bifrost have initiated an ambition plan to counter the threat posed by the Phong. Initiated in 07.3 the plan calls for the expansion of the House Bifrost fleet to twenty ships within twenty months.

Bifrost Formation Naming Conventions
Groups of vessels are identified by a three digit code. The first digit designates the flotilla.

1XX Series: First Class Defense Flotilla
2xx Series: Reserve Defense Flotilla
5XX Series: Support Vessel Flotilla

If the flotilla identifier is followed by two 0's (eg 100) the force comprises every vessel of the flotilla.

The second digit is the squadron identifier. Squadrons are numbered sequentially within the flotillas. If the squadron identifier is followed by a 0 (eg 110) the force comprises every vessel of the squadron.

The third digit is division identifier. The command ship of a squadron is the lead vessel of the 1st division.

Planned TOE (Target Date 2410.5)

First Class Defense Flotilla

110th Bifrost Defense Squadron
BGS Resolution (Class Ship)
BGS Vendetta (Class Ship)(Underconstruction)
BSS Stalwart (Class Ship)
BSS Sceptre (Stalwart Class)
BSS Solidarity (Stalwart II Class)
BSS Blue Shield (Class Ship)
BSS Green Shield (Shield Class)
BSS Star Hawk (Class Ship)
BSS Razer Hawk (Star Hawk II Class)

120th Bifrost Defense Demi Squadron
BGS Indefatigable (Locust B Class)(Under construction)
BGS Vampire (Vendetta Class)(Under construction)
BSS Superb (Stalwart III class)
BSS Red Shield (Shield II class)
BSS White Shield (Shield II Class)
BSS Black Hawk (Star Hawk II Class)

Reserve Defense Flotilla

210th Bifrost Reserve Demi Squadron
BSS Nova Hawk (Star Hawk Class)
BSS Blood Wing (Star Hawk II Class)(Damaged, awaiting recovery)
4x Star Hawk Varient
BSS Mountain Caracara (Falcon AMS) (Under construction)
BSS Striated Caracara (Falcon AMS) (Under construction)

221th Bifrost Reserve Division
Proposed Fighter Transport
Unnamed Stalwart MRV
Proposed Reserve Destroyer
Proposed Reserve Destroyer

Support Vessel Flotilla

511th Support Division
Refitted Armadillo(Currently in stock condition, mothballed)
BSS Greyhound (Illum. Fast Shuttle)
Proposed Fighter Transport
Proposed Fighter Transport

512th Support Division
BSS Ardent (Livingstone Class)

513th Support Division
BSS Undeterred (Class Ship)
BSS Undisputed (Undeterred Class)
Proposed Fast Replenishment Vessel
Proposed Fast Replenishment Vessel

(Editted 2409-1)

SL Heimdall of House Bifrost (PBC IV)
Currently onboard command vessel BGS Resolution

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Space Emperor

Joined: May 17, 2007

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


File No: 08.4/4562/554

Date: 2408.5.8

From: Commodore Galderson

To: All Command Rated Bifrost Guard and Bifrost Shipping officers

Subject: Update - 20 in 20 Plan

Classification: Secret - Not for dissemination outside of House Bifrost Senior Officers


Fellow officers, as I draft this update the forces of House Bifrost are preparing for our first combat operations. The Resolution has cut short its first training cruise and has rendezvoused with the other ships of the 110th Defense Squadron. While it is regrettable that the 110th is still below its intended strength, I have every confidence that we can blunt the recent Phong incursion with our current forces.

In addition to raising the 110th towards full strength, construction has commenced on the support vessels for the 120th. Details of the specific construction projects are as follows.

Command Vessels

The BGS Resolution is in service. Its improved half sister, to be named BGS Indefatigable, is scheduled to begin construction next month.

Update 2409-1 - Technical problem prevented the construction of the proposed Indefatigable. Project replaced with a Locust B class command carrier, to be commissioned with same name.

The Resolution is proposed to receive upgrades to system automation, shield systems and hanger space in a future Service Life Extension Program. The date for such an upgrade has not yet been determined.

Guided Missile Destroyers

The Guided Missile Destroyer project has been placed on hold, awaiting the improved automated control systems being developed by Federation scientists.

Update 2409.1 - Project has been canceled and replaced with the Vendetta class Direct Fire Destroyers.

Missile Defense Vessels

Two Blue Shield class missile defense destroyers have been completed and are on station with the 110th.

Two Blue Shield II (with improved ceramic armour) are under construction in the Zitrod system and are to slated for the 120th Demi-Squadron. Prior to the formation of the 120th, if required these vessels will provide support for the 110th.

Multi Role Vessels

Two Stalwart MRV's are on station with the 110th. A third uparmoured Stalwart MRV II has been completed and is to join the 120th Demi-Squadron.

A fourth Stalwart is to be constructed at a future date for the proposed 220th Reserve Division.

Civilian Gunships

The first Star Hawk class corvette gunship is to be commissioned next month and will join the 110th. A second Star Hawk is to be laid down this month.

Fast Resupply Vessels

The first Undeterred class vessel is under construction in the Ristor system.

Repair Vessel

The sole Livingstone class vessel owned by House Bifrost is to continue to assist the repair of ships in the Zitrod system.

No construction dock is available for building of any further repair ships in the immediate future.

Proposed Fighter Transport

Construction docks not yet available.

Proposed Reserve Destroyer

Construction docks not yet available.

Armadillo 0001

The unnamed Armadillo class vessel inherited from Pujal is to be retro-fitted as a dedicated freighter.

Impact of Falcon patrol boats

Construction of Falcon class patrol boats has diverted some ship yards away from the construction of the Bifrost Fleet, however this was expected to occur when the tender was submitted. It is estimated that an additional four vessels would have been constructed for the BGS and BSS if the Falcon contract had not been entered into.

The disruption to our construction is more than justified given the profit being generated by constructing these vessels and by the increased security these vessels will provide the Federation.

SL Heimdall of House Bifrost (PBC IV)
Currently onboard command vessel BGS Resolution

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