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Black Day for Black Metal.

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Space Emperor

Joined: Jan 21, 2005

PostPosted: Sat Jan 22, 2005 9:14 am    Post subject: Black Day for Black Metal. Reply with quote

The artificial light, made to resemble that of Homeworld, was fading as Archon Ryne Cha'vat made his way across the station's Garden Quarter. Being an Archon brought responsibility, as well as power, and today he had shown and applied a fair amount of both.

How many had died when the Tesco Amalgamation had... what? And why? They had allowed the colony ship to land at Ikrod III, allowed the crew to unload their cargo and passengers, and once work was complete on the fledgling colony, had blown it all to hell. Ryne couldn't fathom it out. He had spies everywhere throughout the Protectorate, spies he knew he could trust, and he was very thorough. But as far as he knew, there was no amount of enmity between his own Empire and that of the Amalgamation that could justify their ruthless destruction of an unarmed colony. And that meant that someone higher up, perhaps Emperor Freduk himself, had been keeping the real tensions between the Teskies and the Protectorate a public secret. Even so... his spies... best not to think about it.

Emperor Freduk himself had been indisposed, of course, and so hadn't issued a statement on the attack. Many of the Protectorate wanted blood, and rightly so, but Ryne couldn't help but feel a degree of respect for the Teskies. They had squares, that was for damn sure. Pretty damn big squares, to provoke the wrath of the Protectorate, but no decree had been issued. No declaration of war, or sanctions, or anything along those lines had been talked about at all. The Amalgamation had gotten away with the attack completely unscathed, as far as the Powers That Be were concerned. Not so with Ryne.

That was why, twelve hours ago, Emperor Freduk had been indisposed. At least, if you allowed that indisposed could actually mean "kidnapped and flown out to the rim". If you could call indisposed "ejected from an airlock and floating through space, with countless burst blood vessels and no sign of life". If you could find it in your morals to take indisposed as "caught in the blast of a missile set on remote destruct as it flew past his lifeless corpse". No, nobody would ever find anything of the late Emperor, or even question his absence.

"Emperor," Ryne chuckled, coming to a halt by the bench. The new Emperor looked just like Freduk. It really was amazing what a little facial remodelling could do, these days. "You're looking very well."

"Thank you, Archon. I trust I am living up to your expectations?" He even sounded like Freduk - which, of course, was essential.

"We wouldn't be speaking to each other if that wasn't the case. Emperor." The Archon smiled then, before continuing on his way across the garden. Yes, being an Archon for the Black Metal Protectorate brought great responsibility. And great power.

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