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Join the Federated Worlds Star Navy !!!!!

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Space Emperor

Joined: Jan 15, 2005

PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2007 8:50 pm    Post subject: Join the Federated Worlds Star Navy !!!!! Reply with quote

So you want to lead a life of excitement and challenge? Well you've come to the right place. All you have to do is read the following to familiarize your self with what the Navy is about, and how things will be run. If you decide to chose a Federated Naval career, click on the following link to sign up, and you will be contacted with information on where to report for duty.

Welcome to the Federated Worlds Star Navy.

The First Space Lord of the Admiralty, Kana, would like to thank all of the men and women of our armed forces for putting there lives on the line to protect our Federation. Without your sacrifices our Federation would not be what it is today. As such, the Federated Navy is committed to bringing you the best so that you can sleep at night in safety.

The mission of the Federated Navy is simple in idea; we are responsible for the safety of our beloved Federation and its citizens. In order to fulfill our missing, the Federated Navy has these exciting tours of duty. Join to day, and serve with the best!

Exploration (recon): Does being the first one to see a system make you squeal like a 15 year old girl? Does providing intelligence and ship location of enemy ships and planets make you get goose bumps? When you see a black hole eating suns for breakfast, do you look it straight in the eye and ask it if it has a sister? If so, then the Exploration division is for you. As an Exploration Officer, it is your job to provide the Federated Navy with intelligence on ships, planets, and fleet movements of enemy forces. Find us back ways into enemy space so that we can hit them where they are weakest.

Planetary Defense Force: Don�t like to leave planet side? Would you rather have the bad guys enter into your field of fire while you sit in your command post eating crumpets and tea? Well tough luck Soldier, we don't serve tea and crumpets here! We offer a small planet or moon loaded with plenty of guns though. In the Planetary Defense Force it is your job to keep planets and listening bases up and running. The key roll in this division is to keep our citizen safe and sound no matter what is thrown at them.

Space Defense Force: Do big ships, big guns, and lots of firepower make you drool? Like to reach out and touch someone with a 500-megaton thermonuclear missile? Then the Space Defense Force is calling your name. Lead our men and women into battle in defense of the Federated Worlds. Defend our home, our planets and our systems. Project power and fear into the hearts of our enemies and respect and honor into our allies.

Marines: Are you a dog tag wearing, Gun-Ho slinging, shoot first ask question latter type of guy? Do you like getting up close and personal with 5 legged, 3 eyed green freaks only to shove your size 13 combat boot up what ever hell they call their blow hole? If so, then you're a Ground Pounder, and the Marines would be happy to have you as one of their own. Protect our citizens from Alien hordes that would eat our people rather then take them prisoner. As an Marine Officer you will be in charge of leading our troops to victory against enemy held planets.

Logistics Support Force: Logistic officers would be in charge of repair yards and ship, military ship yards and shipyard ship, supply ships and space-based military bases.

We also provide many key services:

Governors and System Lord: Federated Navy is in charge of taking care of your military needs. Need some fighters to help protect your planet? Would you like a strong military presence to help booster happiness, and protect your investments? Would you like to know what's on the other side of that Warp Point? Let us help. Our officers are the best trained and equipped in the galaxy. We�ll get the job done.

Convoy Escort: Moving ships and supplies through troubled waters? Pirates stealing your cargo? We'll eat them for lunch. Perhaps a few destroyers guarding your back is what you need for a safe journey.

The Navy's primary mission is to defend the worlds within federal borders. Defend the borders against aggression. To strike out at those who choose to penetrate our domain, attack or destroy our holdings, property, and citizens.

New Recruits will be given command of either single ships, or more than likely a squadron or flotilla of ships.

Once you have signed up and all you should check out the Star Navy Officer Candidate School (SNOCS)

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