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PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 11:59 am    Post subject: CEPHERION UNION Reply with quote


From now on I will start to put some background information on this thread.
If somebody has questions about anything I wrote, feel free to ask. But you all will understand that I don't put all the (military) info on the net right away.

Further more, I am aware that my English isn't perfect and I'm not an writer at all. so my excusses for the grammar errors and sometimes chilldish way of writing, but it is supposed to be background information and not an novel Smile So I think it is good enough to post !!!!!
(BTW. if any of you notice some (grammar) errors I make on regular bases, please inform me.)


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 12:04 pm    Post subject: CEPHERION RACIAL DESCRIPTION Reply with quote

Biology : Virtualy all is known about the Cepherions.
They are bi-pedal with an average height of 2 metres.
And are in the possession of two long but strong arms with 4 fingered hands, a small boned fin between the thumb and the forefinger indicates an fifth finger somewhere along the evolutionary line.
The most remarkable feature of an Cepherion is his tan leathery skin with dark pigments scattered on arms, shoulder and head.

The average lifespan is 110 for males and 117 for females.
Cepherion females are able to give birth between the age of 17 to 45, and they carry the fetus for eleven months.

Cepherions are an strong and intelligent race but lack the ability to adapt to environmental changes.

Society : The Cepherion homeworld exists of 117 separete countries, 103 of these countries are united in the Cepherian Union for 78 years now.
Every Union member provides the 'First Union Council' with 1 to 5 delegates, depending on the countries size.
It's function is to control and verify the actual government, which exists of eleven state-secretaries and the Prime-secretary.
The Prime-secretary is choosen every five years by the individual country governments off all 103 Union members. This has to be an unanimous vote, so it happened in the past that it took almost a year until an new Prime-secretary was choosen.

The Union is born out of necessity after the last great war, now 82 years ago. After the founding of the Union.
There we're no new conflicts between Union states, although there we're some border accidents between neutral countries, in which the Union interfered as peacekeeping force.

Besides the Union and the neutral countries there are two factions of influence in the Cepherion society.
The Praxis Mining Consortium and the Proktorian Church of the Living.
1: Praxis Mining Consortium. It's the largest company on the planet and as powerfull as an medium sized country.
They produce 67 procent of all the crude-rescources needed by the Union and own 40 procent off the planets companies.

2: Proktorian Church of the Living. The Religion of old, it's influence is fading away and the number of real believers is decreasing every year.
Nevertheless, there are still 900 million Sons and Daughters of Proktor that follows the path of the Vartok (the ancient scrolls).

The average Cepherion is an intelligent and hard working individual, who excels at Engineering and Math (think about the great technical university at Ceriban and the university of Cheldon.)
After his mid-school period, at the age of 17, he will be an S.D. (State Disposal) for 3 years. He can fill in any public function thinkable, but most will end up in the medical services or the military.
If he gets an certificate of good behaviour after those 3 years he is able the study at on of the universities.

History :The first known Civilisation are the Maracions, they had an flourishing empire that lived 7300 years ago.
Their capital, the city of Berash, was founded on the northern shores of the great inner sea of Trigel. More than 50000 people lived in that city in Maracion glory days, but all that remains now are ruines and graves.
Scientists are still searching for answers about the Maracion mysteries, Why did they die out and how was it possible to achieve such an headstart on the rest of the world more than 7000 years ago.

The more known and written history finds his origin 3400 years ago, larger cities became more common and a lot of scrolls and books still excist from that era.
Scientists commonly agree that that era was the birth of our current civilisation, most of the cities and countries still excists nowadays.

After the last war, in which 380 million people had died. It was obvious that all must be done to prevent this for ever happening again.
And the long way to unification started, at first 72 countries, but more joined every year.Ever since the Union came into power, the growth of the planets economy is astonishing, and scientifical developments are marvelous.
But also the cultural developments of the Cepherions are wonderfull. Some large sport events are held every 1 or 2 years to celebrate the new peace and prosper. The most famous offcourse are the games of Panthereon, held every 2 years on the Panthereon Plateau in the Rigerion State.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 12:07 pm    Post subject: PRAXIS 1 Reply with quote

Union Date : 82.5

- Varek, can you please come over here? Ta' Vereash the presidents of 'Praxis Mining' asked his Secretary, advisor and best friend.
He released the comm button and started to think about Varek Berish again.
They did know each other for 13 years now.
And he still could remember the day when they first met as if it was two days ago.
It was at an inspection of one of the Praxis S.D. projects, an health care project in the at the time still independent country of Car'tl.

The project camp was struck by an hurricane and almost totaly destroyed, the death count was 117 at that moment.
One of the death was the project manager, So an chaos was expected by the rescue teams.
But after arrival at the site the opposite was true.
Allthough there we're many casualties and lots of wounded, the scene was organized and the situation was under control.
Varek Berish, only 19 at the time, was in the communication centre together with the project manager when he died.
He took over command and organized the rescue teams, still hundreds of kilometre's away.
But atleast essential time was won and worse was prevented.

Since that day, Varek was 'adopted' by Praxis.
And after his 3 years of S.D. he went to the Praxis University of Re'dan, we're he graduated in three years.
After that he was a rising star within Praxis Mining, resulting in being Ta' Vereash's personal advisor for three years now.
And now Ta' Vereash had decided that an new 'era' in his career and life would start.

> Good morning Varek, How are you doing, everything okay?
- Hi, goodmorning, Yes all is okay now, allthough I didn't got any sleep last night, It's very hard to replace those engineers of the Project on such an short notice.
- As you know all three of them we're with us right from the start , and with the launch scheduled for next month, I don't think we will be able to find some replacements.
> Yes I know, it will be impossible to train them sufficiently before launch. But I'm will not permit any delay, so I guess we need to send somebody with them who connected to the project from day one.
Suddenly Varek realized which wending this conversation took, felt silent and laughed a bit.
> Indeed Varek, I ment you. The both of us initiated this project, so now with the death of Ree' and his colleagues I want you to take over command of the Teriphion Project.
> Take your time to make your decision but I doubt it will take you more than one minute.
Varek started to laugh louder, Sorry Ta' but I don't need that minute, offcourse I will do it!!

Union Date : 82.6

The airlock opened with the sound of leaking air, and two engineers in grey overalls pulled the hatch towards them into the shuttle.
And again varek could see the light purple walls of the Teriphion's interior, He hated the color but was sure that he got used to it very soon.
Namely because of the fact that it was the same color as Kerrdil's Atmosphere, in which they would descent in fiftytwo days if all went well.

Kerrdil, the second planet of their starsystem, was chosen not for its viable climate or its Breathable atmosphere, because it had none of those.
The reason that they we're going for Kerrdil was ' ore ', not more and not less. The Unions demand of ore was growing every month, especially since they started their own space exploration program some years ago.
And with it's spacedock ready in one month the Union needed a lot of rescources.
So that was the task ahead for Varek, his crew and the 'Teriphion One': go there, establish an colony, mine the planet and send the ore back.

Varek started to smile about his own simple thoughts, yes indeed you could put it that simple.
But it was the largest project ever by the Praxis Consortium, and maybe even the largest project in the whole history of their world.
Okay , time to stop the day dreaming, I've got work to do, he thought when entering the airlock.
Together with 7 of his fellow colonists, he started to walk out of the airlock into the purple corridor.
Where they we're welcomed by dozens of others we arived here days or even weeks ago.
Yes, this was his new world now, and he liked every single bit of it.
Being the leader of the Cepherions first colony on an other planet.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:01 pm    Post subject: Going home............. Reply with quote

Union Date : 84.0

It was twelve months ago that Varek Berish landed on Kerdill and settled the first Praxis mining colony on an other planet, He formed this colony with is own hands and was now an very essiental part of the Praxis Mining Consortium. And Varek really expected to stay on this planet for atleast two more years, until 3 days ago.
An priority message arived from Cepheria, with the announcement to return to the homeworld at once. An shuttle was enroute already to pick him up, and should ariving in 3 days.

And there he sat, looking out of the small window and watched the shuttle to break through the purple clouds into space heading home..........

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