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Planned features

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Leaky Guru

Joined: May 28, 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:41 am    Post subject: Planned features Reply with quote

In decreasing order of confidence:

1) There will be just one hull size for space vehicles.
- It will have no* tonnage limit (*larger than can be constructed within 100 turns, so infinite for practical purposes)
- To-hit chances will depend on the size and amount of installed components. More stuff = bigger ship = easier target.

2) QNP will still be applied (with mass being measured by the amount of installed components, and thus changing dynamically)

3) Damage taken will be semi-randomized among all components across the ship. Armor will have a much better chance than normal, as in SE4's CB mod.

4) Crew & lifesupport will be merged so you don't have to bother with adding and balancing both.

5) A brownian motion drive. Movement of 1 hex in a random direction each turn so they are self dispersing. Destroyed if they leave the system or crash into the star.
- Applies to Solar power satellites generating income based on their distance from the local star. (Max 1 working per sector)
- Applies to short range sensor probes for a shifting detection grid.
- Could also be applied to defense batteries for a minefield effect.

6) Discounts for maintenance if paid for by local resource generation.
- Up to 50% refund for facility maintenance, and for ship construction for the portion which can be paid for by local mines, farms and power plants.
- Encourages diversification on planets, and spreading your SYs out, and specializing too (build troops at farming planets, build ships at mining worlds, build ammo at power worlds, and save!)

7) Energy drives, which only consume energy resources when the ship is in motion. Maintenance costs would be refunded for ships that do not move that turn.

8) Civilian vs Military experience
- Killing things would get you +ve XP, and bonuses to combat and morale
- Not killing things but cruising around delivering cargo and stuff would get you -ve XP, and thus bonuses to maintenance reduction and eventually speed upgrades.

9) Monsters with a life cycle.
- Initially on construction, they would be immobile larvae. After some time for growth, they would mature and become dangerous.
- Monster XP gained from attacking player ships would be slowly digested into resources for the empire and supplies for the belly.
- Supplies in the belly would pay for superpowers; creating nebulae, damaging planet conditions, teleporting to another star system and whatever other fun scriptable things I can think up.
- Saving up enough supplies could allow a maturation into a more advanced monster. larva(harmless)->adult(+mobility:deadly)->elder(+storms, +regen:scary!)->queen (+SY: spawns more larvae), say.
9b) Storm dispersing components wouldn't be usable... you park your disperser-armed ship in a monster's nebula it will break it up over time via scripts as long as a monster doesn't come by to eat you in the meantime.
9c) Hmm. Monsters could slowly generate storms naturally.
Said storms could randomly drift slowly through a system and scare the inhabitants Twisted Evil

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