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DCI News

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Space Emperor

Joined: Oct 07, 2007

PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:21 pm    Post subject: DCI News Reply with quote

DCI Coreward News

Hello, this is Makash and this is the news for DCI Core systems, comprising the DCI systems Salaph and Sillintia.

Salaph II continues to be a hub of construction, with even greater resources being funneled towards organics extraction. In response to this and and reports about negative rate current organic resource levels this month many are worried, fearing a loss of jobs due to cut projects.

The current resource situation was downplayed by the financial bereau as "A temporary shortfall that will be easily covered in the next two months", citing the large increase in organic levels that had occurred over the past three months and the equally large increases proposed in the current construction plans. The leader of the bereau was quite adamant in placing the resource levels within context, repeatedly mentioning that any decrease in resources would seem slight in comaprison to vast increase of expenditure within Salaph and Sillintia, and that there no plans to cut any projects.

To defence matters, the last remaining mothballed repair ships have been reactivated this month, with the defence wing commenting that they were needed to shore up growing threats to the northern sectors.

Back the industrial front, and recent wave of ship construction for export have left some wondering: What will happen when it ends? Some planets will rely on participation in the AGP, whereas others are pushing for more vessel orders. A small minority of the staff are pushing for internal DCI orders, citing the ease and availability of new designs.

DCI Midregion News

Greetings, this is Chelle, soon to be the correspondant for the DCI Midregion, which shall comprise DCI held planets in Texrek.

Here with the two colony ships are still heading towards their goal, and we are holding up extremely well considering the long time we have been in transit, the planet landing still taking four to eleven months for both of us.

System Lord Khizlek of DynaCorp Industries (PBC SEIV).

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Space Emperor

Joined: Oct 07, 2007

PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

DCI General News
The recent drop of the HH-DCI trade of radioactives-organics hit the budget much weaker than had been expected, with the radioactive source replaced temporarily by the sale of fighters in Kartogia and the surplus of organics being used for new planetary construction.

The leader of the bureau made this statement earlier today: "We are highly confident about the current situation with organics and radioactives. Our projections rate the peak output from planned radioactive production at over our entire base radioactives budget."

Some junior members of the bureau however have countered the optimism, revealing the budget is still extremely weak, with worries revolving around the current mineral situation which will still be at negative growth for at least a year. They also revealed the injection of resources via a recent large loan from SJ Bank and from lump sum down payment by Combat Wombat for, for various vessels, have stabilised DCI stores until more resource development in completed, at the cost of limiting any further military acquisition than have already been planned, along with limiting expansion of the AGP for at least four months.

The colony vessel construction frenzy has almost finished in the Core, with the last vessel being finished next month at Sillintia VII. The end is not in sight for the drain on resources from this endevour, with the total number of Polar Magnates to be maintained reaching a new peak of six, just under the construction capacity of two colonies at maximum construction rates.

This maintenance cost is expected to fall to ~15% of it's current level within four months, due to 2/6 Polar Magnates colonising in two months, 2/6 in three and 1/6 in four.

DCI Coreward News
Salaph II has continued its long process of gearing up organics production, though the end is in sight - with only 1/3 of the remaining non-organic room being planned for a SY, it leaves only two months worth of building organics extractors.

DCI Midregion News
Greetings, this is Chelle, correspondent for the DCI Midregion, comprising the DCI presence in Texrek.

The establishment of Texrek IV two months ago went smoothly, with the first of many radioactive extraction plants finished only last month. The other colony vessel is slowly progressing to its target of Texrek I.

DCI Border Region
Akras, communicating to you straight from Egoria II, soon to be the only DCI colony in the border areas.

This, the month of Egoria II being colonised will start off with a bang - resource development is to be put off in favour of a Ship Yard, in addition to a SYS that will be provided to House Hermes.

DCI Military Theatre News
*Mveloem - There has been a momentous change in DCI policy in the north, with the agreement between Kotau of the FWSN and Khizlek to establish a large series of repair bases around Mveloem IV. Construction is expected to start in two months time, with a total length of a year to complete the mega-project.

This is also combined with a plan to re-establish a colony on Mveloem IV, in order to form addition support on the surface of the planet, including repair, supply and construction.

The current establishment of troop transports has been delayed slightly, with the second being built after the first, rather than in parallel. This is expected to delay any major invasion in Mveloem by two months.

*Northwest (Melbor, Kennelworth, Rox, Egoria) - The slow process of moving elements into the area, including repair, supply and construction vessels are continuing, with the fastest and closest still taking over a year to reach Egoria.

According to the military, there are no further plans to send any more logistics or material to the region that haven't been mentioned yet.

System Lord Khizlek of DynaCorp Industries (PBC SEIV).

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Space Emperor

Joined: Oct 07, 2007

PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


DCI Planetary News
The HIR construction goes on at full pace, with four having been completed since our last report, another three being finished in a year, and yet another two in two years.

Almost all planned atmosphere convertors have been constructed - all colonies, except Sillintia V, with no atmosphere will be specially terraformed to contain an oxygen atmosphere capable of supporting the native populations.

Salaph VI & V having completed their population transfers, and Sillintia III in two months. The Ukra-Tal currently planetside are happy in their new settlements. With these transfers increasing the space for various facilities, along with Egoria II construction, major increases in resource production are now a reality, with the Fincancial Bureau (Growth Statistics Department) predicting a further 8% increase in organics and 15% increase in radioactives production, in addition to the smaller increases over the past three months.

Some members remain worried, citing the lack large scale minerals growth, suggesting that some restructuring to produce more minerals would be needed. In order to help prevent such problems loans from other major resource holders have been requested, and in some cases been granted.

DCI Military News
Texrek I and IV are now being used as a forward area to raise 200-300 ground divisions, with the hope to deploy them to Fizbon and Melbor within 1.2 years.

The invasion of Mveloem II is currently on hold, waiting for the combined House Bifrost/FWSN task force to clear the planet of defensive fighters. The Mveloem-Neckron warp point is also having a large, sustained production of defensive platforms, in the hope that an assault on the position can be repelled. According to sources the construction will continue beyond the SDI limit, to an approximate total of 2mt. The construction of the Fizbon SDI defences also continues apace, though it is restricted due to only one SYS being available.

Meanwhile, the projected construction of carrier vessels in Lirul is awaiting the final development of a base hull design. The construction of other vessels, such as escorts, transports and repair craft are waiting either for a base hull, or to coincide construction with internal resource increases.

System Lord Khizlek of DynaCorp Industries (PBC SEIV).

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