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Few, I hope, new ideas and techs

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Space Emperor

Joined: Nov 17, 2009

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:04 pm    Post subject: Few, I hope, new ideas and techs Reply with quote

Hi, I am spamming again. I have few new ideas for tech areas.

1) Advanced Armor - new types
Adamanitum - supermetal - some weapons cause less damage (projectile, some kind of missles)
Neutronium - Metal alloy - less damage by energy weapons
Fulleren - carbonic armor - less damage by organic and crystaline weapons
You must have armor at lvl.10 chemistry at 3, construction at 3 and physics at 2.

2) Black hole technology - new weaponry - it can be as racial trait
Black hole cannon - cannon that fires small black holes - high supply usage, very high damage, low fire rate medium to long range
Black hole PD - very low range, very high damage, low fire rate, high accuracy, high tonnage(sucks everything in Wink )
Black hole disrupter - cause engine overload on deplete supplies (ship must use higher than maximum usage power of engine to keep the speed or used more supplies)
You must have some level of Astrophysics, psysics and "power generation"(supply generation)

3) Quad-PD - doubled PD with doubled or tripled damage and maxiumum 150% of tonnage ordinary PD
You gain access when you have at least 2/3 of PD tech discovered + smaller weapons tech

4) Reload and recharge technology - improves fire rate of weapons to 50% of normal fire rate

5) Missle tech - improve missle range only

6) warhead tech - improve damage caused by warhead (lvl. 1-10 nuclear and plasma warhead (with own their tech area) lvl. 10-20 quantum,... warhead)

7) smaller warheads - tech that allow you to build smaller warheads so you can insert more of them to single missle. Wink
damage doubled, trippled, quartered... Rolling Eyes

Cool beam concetration - increase of damage beam weapons caused by stronger and concetrationed beam

9) icrease density and temperture of plasma - higher damage caused by plasma weapons

10) laser weapons - it should be somewhere between projectile and x-ray tech.

11)neutron cannon - medium to long range beam of neutron causing small nuclear chain reactions on hull of ship.

12) nanobots tech - small nanorobots that helps to empire
ship component - repair of small amount of damage per turn - about 20kt repairs and its tonnage
Facility - building rate increased by few %
unit component - adds few % to defence od attack moddifier...

That is everythng - for now. Twisted Evil Wink
I hope we will start constructive discussion here, so we can have nice bunch of new techs and huge space of choises...

If CaptianKwok wants, I can start to work on these techs ASAP for new details.

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