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Breaking news - Important Business Conference

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Space Emperor

Joined: Nov 21, 2005

PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 3:05 pm    Post subject: Breaking news - Important Business Conference Reply with quote

This just in, Lord Crixon was in a meeting with this Corporate advisors, and the beginning is open to the public!

The room quiets as Lord Crixon enters. He walks over to his seat at the front of the room.

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen of the board, i would first off like to thank you for electing me leader of this corperation and all its assets, you have greatly honored me and I will not let you down. Now we have alot to talk about today so ill cut to the chase.

First on the agenda is our population crisis, we only have 38 million people on 4 of our worlds, 29 of it on a small resort moon, simply put we need to relocate some of them to our industrial sectors and get them well paying jobs. At this time we do not have any ships capable of transporting this many people so it seems we shall need outside contracting to do so. We may also want to consider setting up land grants for outside citizens who wish to move to our worlds.

Second on the agenda, I propose we consider making our HQ, Egoria IV, into a construction and research world, it already has a shipyard and all it needs is a resupply depot and a repair bay to be complete. I propose we build 1 resupply depot and 1 or 2 repair bays depending on our needs at that time. The world also has excellent fields compaired to any other world we have so we should also create an agriculture section to feed our people. From there we can continue building up our research devisions. Once complete we can then consider building new warships for the navy for the ongoing struggle.

Third on todays agenda is this. The Federations Navy appears to be quite busy with the invasion in the west, and as such we can probably assume that we wont be receiving any warships up here to patrol, expecially considering there has been no aggressive action, but i dont plan on being caught with our pants down. As such, i have put our top scientists on development of a mobile construction ship to build defenses on our warp points as well as several new bases and fighter craft to defend our sector.

Fourth. I feel the best direction our scientists could go for would be into weapons to help our navy push back the enemy forces, our starships are falling behind in both weapons and armor tech and this needs to change. Our Federation soldiers are very brave, but lets give them some more muscle!

Fifth point on our agenda is scouting. We need to see what is out there what new threats may be coming our way, and also to see what new anomalies we can find and new things to study, so i propose to have a specialized scout ship designed and constructed, built for speed and range, ment to keep out of a fight and study.

Sixth and final point on the agenda today, more of a long term goal. We need to secure new colonies for the Federation to grow, i perpose we ask for volunteers who would be willing to go settle on planets far beyond the federations borders and secure frontline worlds.

Now i have to ask the reporters to please leave the room as we have confidential information to discuss.

End of playback

There you have it folks, the first conference of our new CEO, he seems to have big ideas for the future but we shall see what comes to fruitation.

We of the Unicorn clan are the best horsemen in the land,our horses are our lives and brothers,we fight as one,we live as one,we die as one.

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Space Emperor

Joined: May 09, 2007
Location: Tasmania

PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 12:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

One can only say welcome, and I look forward to having those planets put to their full potential and having some additional support against the enemies of the Federation.

My previous offer still stands, but time constraints are quite demanding. I hope we can do business some time.

Venturing into the unknown

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Space Emperor

Joined: Nov 21, 2005

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2008 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

News update.

Construction was completed this month of a new cargo/passenger liner. This small ship will be able to transport small amounts of personel and cargo around our few planets. It is our hope that we can transport 20 mil personel from our moon to Egoria to strengthen our production on this world.

Also Egoria has laid down the keel of a new construct ship to begin construction of system defenses. Workers are working double time on getting it finished in hopefully 3 months.

New Fighter Squadrons are being built on most worlds in the Yemil sector as defensive forces, hopefully to soon be moved to Egoria to create a defensive barrier and for easy resupply of any fighter bases.

Yemil V is to be the new home of a system enviromental agency to premote heathier conditions of all planets in that sector and to conserve the wildlife and forests on Yemil IX A resort moon.

Recently aquired warships and 1 more transport vessel are moving from the interior of the Federation, exact ETA is unknown but most vessels will be over a year in returning to the frontier. Once they have regrouped and been resupplied they will form into a fleet and begin their defense of North Western pass.

We of the Unicorn clan are the best horsemen in the land,our horses are our lives and brothers,we fight as one,we live as one,we die as one.

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