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Mod Progress Update: v166

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Leaky Guru

Joined: May 28, 2005
Location: Canada!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:24 pm    Post subject: Mod Progress Update: v166 Reply with quote

Latest Additions:
- Research Breakthroughs: facilities generate 10% of normal points.
However, the completion percentage is the chance that you will gain the next level each turn. (If you have 25% of the required points in a tech area, you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting a levelup!)
This encourages you to divide your points evenly in order to gain the most benefit. It also reduces micromanagement, since you can now set-and-forget without falling behind on techs.

- Ships lose 4% of their accumulated experience each turn. This means that new ships will see diminishing returns as they learn the ropes... up to 50k (average, no penalties). In addition, the elite and legendary crews will need to keep working hard to maintain that status instead of sitting on their past accomplishments.
- Experience level bonuses have been adjusted to match the new scheme, and are more generous at the higher levels since high levels are difficult to achieve and maintain.
- No combat can occur on Warppoints (impenetrable cloaking effect)
- Ships cannot hide in warppoints; ships camping out on the warppoint will be shoved randomly to one of the 6 surrounding hexes. (This breaks up your fleet, and leaves you vulnerable) Note: You can defend warppoints by building bases in the hexes around them. Enemy ships will appear at the appropriate side of the combat map as they move into the hex; have some big guns waiting to pick off scouts Smile
- All newly constructed ships start empty of supplies and ordnance (no free lunch Wink ) Note that you should probably build a supply depot on your shipyard worlds to get them moving. Having a second world in the system with storage, factories and a resupply depot can work too.
- Homeworlds are filled up to max (1 million) supplies and ordnance at the beginning of the game.
- Ground forces reworked again. Classic CBmod style.
- Due to abilities not implemented in hardcode, the Cultures have been moved to racial traits. You must choose "spacefaring race" plus exactly one culture.
- Added some new low-end resource facilities.
- Shield durability has been inverted; Ice shields block the least amount of damage, but are the hardest to overload. Higher tech shields block more, but overload easier. Mixing shield types is now important!
- Deep Space Sensor facilities are now working. They have been made significantly cheaper as well.
- Spaceyards made slightly cheaper. They are all now twice as powerful per space used as SY expansions.

Existing Features:
- Point Defense Grid - randomly shoots down missiles with a Poisson distribution of kills. Rarely gets them all, almost never kills none.
- Fancy Storms and Warppoints
- Improved X Natives traits; now you can't forget to have one.
- Leaky shields.
- Quasi-Newtonian Propulsion; design for any speed you like using as many engines as you can afford.
- CarrierBattles style combat physics.
- Way fancy combat animations, including race-customizable plasma animations.
- GritEcon style economy; Facility maintenance independent of build cost.
- Build costs proportional to size squared, maintenance grows slower than size. (You can build small ships very fast, or large ships very slowly, but you can maintain far more tonnage worth of large ships for the same price)
- Directional armor; Place armor forwards, side to side, or aft, wherever you need protection!
- Dynamic Crew requirements! Each weapon and system requires a certain number of crew to operate it. Each crew quarters requires lifesupport to maintain it. How many you need depends on your design!

Partly implemented, but waiting for hardcode fixes:
- Planet conditions adjust each turn based on pollution and improvement forces.
- Planets with really deadly conditions will actually kill off population.
- Dome facilities which will make a portion of the population immune to deadly conditions. (Important for the overlords of your slave-operated hellhole mining worlds as seen on SF shows. Wink )

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Leaky Guru

Joined: May 28, 2005
Location: Canada!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ground combat has been tweaked a bit to compensate for hardcode issues.
Militia have just 1 hp since they respawn every month.
(This gives you a chance of killing them all. Best to use infantry against them so you get lots of low damage hits, while your tanks blast the enemy vehicles and infantry who have lots of hp)

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