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New Encounter at Devonshire

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:43 pm    Post subject: New Encounter at Devonshire Reply with quote

The tiny exploration vessel " Ch'in " left the warppoint and as standard procedure it increased the distance with some 10000 clicks. And doing so it started to scan the environment, and immediatly something got their attention. The first planet from the systems bright orange colored star.
The little planet was transmitting and broadcasting on an wide band and in all sort of messages and in all directions.

To the crew of the Ch'in it was obvious, they discovered an inhabited planet or probably an colony because the sensors only located 3.2 million lifeforms.

The first thing to do for the commander of the Ch'in was inform CSE command, the second task was a bit more difficult. Make Contact !!
The Centre of Space Exploration had changed the new contact procedure a few weeks ago, because of some problems with an previous contact.

So now the Ch'in started to listen and tried to translate all the transmissions they received. knowing that this was an extremly risky task, it was almost logical that an alien species made the conlusion that they we're spying on them. So they had to hurry.

But only after 6 days an descent translation was found and the commander of the Ch'in ordered the transmission of their new contact message. That was about time because 20 hours ago an small vessel has came out of an distant warppoint and was in contact with the small colony.
But the message was out and the only thing they could do for now was wait.

" This is commander Bar'r Teghaal of the exploration vessel " Ch'in ", I'm authorized by my government, the Cepherion Union, to make this important first contact between our species. We do not have any hostile intentions and are hoping for peacefull and some fruitful relations between our species. Therefor I invite you to visit my vessel and meet each other as the begining of such an relation.

Commander Teghaal "

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 7:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Devonshire Prime picked up the signal of a ship. Information was immediatly relayed back to Romania Prime. The ships was maintaining position.

The Nexus Council was again summoned.

"We have encoutered aparently a second race" Spoke the Supreme Principae to the rest of the Overlord and High Praetorians present there.

"They ship design is tottaly different than the last ship we have encountered.

The ship has been holding position for hours aparently scanning our colony"

"THIS IS CLEARLY AN ACT OF ESPIONAGE. " Spoke out the newly Apointed Overlord of Devonshire. "We request military presence to make sure the agressors don't threated the milions of people on Devonshire Prime. Supr"

"No Overlord. we..."

The doors of the huge room burst open

"Sire. We have recived a message from the ship. It has been decoded."

The message was put on audio and the entire Nexus Council heard it.

After which...

"This is clearly a trick..." spoke the same overlord "I again say"

"SILENCE OVERLORD." Yelled the Supreme Prinicpae

"This meeting is over. You will recive orders later... " All holo-links were cut to the worlds as the Overlords were shocked by this decition. The Prinicpae would have to weigh future action carefully.

A response was said

"This is the Romanian Revivalist Dominion. You have entered Romanian space and maintained your position. We view this as an act of agression and demand that you leave our space. If you comply further comunication will take place. If you do not... We will consider this an open declaration of was and will act acordingly."

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