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Feature list?

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Space Emperor

Joined: Jan 03, 2006

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 10:43 pm    Post subject: Feature list? Reply with quote

can you add one? Or is there an existing one?

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Leaky Guru

Joined: May 28, 2005
Location: Canada!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 1:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The quick summary is:
The GritEcon mod combined with Carrier Battles mod from SE4.

The major combat features (most from CBmod) include:
- Stacking Leaky shields
- Directional armor
- Four balanced DF weapons, available in 5 sizes each. (You can focus on one successfully, but using all in combination works very well)
- A convenient variety of missiles, in 7 flavours from point defense to planetary bombardment.
- Fighters use the same guns as ships (but only the small ones actually fit)
- QNP! Put as many engines on your ship as you like. Speed = thrust/mass
- Steel Cage Combat. No retreat; limited area. If you are chased down fair and square on the strategic map, you WILL have to fight, or sacrifice ships to hold off the enemy long enough for the combat to end.
- Negative experience modifiers. If your troops sit around long enough with no training or shooting, they get bored and lazy Wink
- Exponential Experience bonuses. Level costs increase exponentially, so there is always one more level to reach for. Non-accuracy abilities at the highest levels, too.

Major economic features (mostly from GritEcon) include:
- Interdependent production; Mineral Mines use up organics from farms, farms require power plants, power plant maintenance depends on the power source.
- A range of facility quality, from cheap space-filling junk to premium cost high density production
- Unique and powerful legacy facilities on the homeworld which cannot be replicated.
- Vehicle build time is proportional to size squared.
- Vehicle maintenance is close to flat-rate.
- High capacity resource storage. Store up millions, and you can run defecits in wartime, just like real governments Smile

Racial Setup features include:
- CB mod style cultures. Huge effects, yet balanced; no minmaxing.
- Quadripedal race option - Four legs makes infantry better Smile
- Pacifist citizenry option - no militia troops (negative point cost)
- Restricted colonization types; you have to be native to a planet to colonize it. Other planets you have to trade or steal from aliens.
- Selectable plasma weapon animation style.

Other features:
- Slower strategic speed; more time to plan and react to incursions.
- Limited sensor range; build a network of cheap sensor buoys, and take out your enemy's nets with scouts.

Feature Notes:
Build time vs maintenance:
- this means the homeworld could build 30 tiny (45kt) ships in one turn, or spend 45 turns building 30 gigantic (300kt) ships... but once built, the fleet of dreadnoughts will cost only slightly more than the tiny ships.
And thusly, all of the ship hulls are useful in different situations from peacetime buildup to desperate meatgrinder warfare.

Combat Limits:
- this is a huge improvement. Faster turn processing, and fewer pointless combats. No more waiting through a dozen battles in a row with no shooting as you chase that colony ship. Fewer bloated log messages!

Future plans:
- Specialized PD weapon with a poisson distribution of hits/misses.
- More small +/- racial traits so you can spend all of your points.
- Intel projects revamping
- Maybe putting a cloak effect on warppoints, to reduce turtling and encourage more varied defenses.

Future plans needing hardcode changes:
- Designer-selected target types; specify what things each individual gun will shoot at, using mounts
- Sliders for racial setup (oh, how we need aaron to do this!)

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