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Proportions 3.0.2  Popular

Proportions makes large changes to the proportions of economy and development in Space Empires IV. The scale of several aspects of play have been made more realistic, along with various other changes.

Category: Space Empires IV Gold / Mods / Deprecated
Version: 3.0.2
Compatibility: SEIV 1.91
Filesize: 26 bytes
Added on: Oct-27-2004
Downloads: 8751
Rating: 10.00 (5 Votes)

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Deathstalkers Mount Mod  Popular

Summary: This file adds additional 'Mounts' to both Components and Weapons for SEIV without having to modify the existing Components.txt and then having to re-write the various AI's for the races to cope with the changes. The file has been set up so the AI will use different mounts for different ship sizes automatically. This was made to add variety and to change the role of mounts from 'bigger ships, bigger guns' to differing roles for each ship class. The mounts for both Weapon Platforms and Satellites have been changed to increase the range of fire to make them more useful and attacking a planet more dangerous (as is should be.)

Category: Space Empires IV Gold / Mods
Version: 1.78
Filesize: 7.86 Kb
Added on: Aug-09-2003
Downloads: 11438
Rating: 9.93 (5 Votes)

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SE4 Mod Launcher  Popular

Automated mod launching program for Space Empires IV by Matryx that makes it easy to manage dozens of mods and savegames across them.

Category: Space Empires IV Gold / Other
Version: 2.26
Filesize: 260.62 Kb
Added on: Aug-04-2003
Downloads: 26717
Rating: 9.77 (16 Votes)

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Devnull Mod 1.71  Popular

Version 1.71 of the Devnull Mod, put together by Parabolize. The Devnull Mod is a collection and amalgamation of many mods and ideas from various authors. Features the infamous Space Monsters.

Category: Space Empires IV Gold / Mods / Deprecated
Version: 1.71
Compatibility: SE4 1.91
Filesize: 4.55 MB
Added on: Jun-01-2005
Downloads: 17808
Rating: 9.71 (7 Votes)

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AI Campaign  Popular

AI Campaign Is optimized for Solitaire Play, Simultaneous Play, and Finite resources. It can be enjoyed in multiplayer LAN or PBEM games as well.

AI Campaign incorporates below mods by JLS

AI Balance: Created specifically for a more challenging AI. AI balance allows the AI and Human Players to have some specific Components, Vehicles, and Abilities. Some examples are: the AI better handles mines now, point to point re-supply, faster ship training, sector scanning, Stellar manipulations, combating Plagues, low level Master Computers to name a few

Tactical Fighter: Fighters now move in Tactical combat only. On the Strategic map, when launched over a planet or any sector, they remain on combat patrol for that sector until recovered by a Carrier or your planet. This makes for some interesting strategies and designs.

Finite Economics: This helps the AI better handle finite play and will enhance greatly the value of building Towns and Cities in AI Campaign. Finite economics mod Introduces Imperial Trade, trade centers and Asteroid Resource Domes.

Multiplayer Ladder Handicap: This helps less experienced players in your group by selecting an agreed MP ladder Handicap Level selection or selections from the Traits Menu for a point bonus that can be spent by weaker players before staring a new game.

Category: Space Empires IV Gold / Mods
Version: 4.191a
Filesize: 5.34 MB
Added on: Aug-09-2003
Downloads: 16666
Rating: 9.44 (9 Votes)

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Ultimate Strategies Mod 1.01.00  Popular

This mod makes alterations to the strategies and formations in SEIV Gold. The goal is to expand upon the strategic choices available to the player.

Because formations are controlled by a data file and not changeable from within the game, this mod will allow PBW and PBEM users to play otherwise normal games with custom formations.

This mod also modifies the DefaultColonyTypes and DefaultDesignTypes files, to create more variety in the default selections.

Category: Space Empires IV Gold / Mods
Version: 1.01.00
Filesize: 125.26 Kb
Added on: Aug-09-2003
Downloads: 14052
Rating: 9.39 (19 Votes)

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Fyron's Quadrant Mod Deluxe 2.09 Full  Popular

This mod makes alterations to the system types in SEIV. It adds many more moons in orbit of planets, and many of these moons will have random atmospheres. Also, solar systems now generally have an asteroid belt in them, which is more realistic. To use the new systems, simply create a quadrant. The basic quadrants are also included for convenience. They are labeled as "Classic" quadrants. Includes full BMP format Nebulae and other system graphics.

Category: Space Empires IV Gold / Mods / Deprecated
Version: 2.09
Compatibility: SE4 1.91
Filesize: 31.02 MB
Added on: Aug-05-2003
Downloads: 12757
Rating: 8.52 (6 Votes)

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Star Wars Rebellion Mod v1.00  Popular

It's ten years after the rise of the emperor and the galactic empire. Indeed did he bring peace but with his peace came fear and slavery. And now, after ten years of suppression and dictatorship, revolts and uprissings are occuring more and more. There are even a few planets that openly declared war on the Empire, those group are still small and not well organized but they get stronger every day.

Star Wars mod which starts playing about 10 years before "A New Hope," or 10 years after the rise of the Empire. It's heavy on roleplay proves the Hero and Personal trait and the new arranged troop-scaling, also added THE FORCE trait. The mod is based on Andrés Lescano's Star Wars II crossover mod, so all the credits about weapons and schip scaling must go to him.

Category: Space Empires IV Gold / Mods / Deprecated
Version: 1.00
Compatibility: SE4 1.91
Filesize: 22.23 MB
Added on: Jul-12-2005
Downloads: 15098
Rating: 7.63 (8 Votes)

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Space Empires II v1.5  Popular

Space Empires II is shareware. You can download it, and play it as long as you wish. When you're ready to play the full version of the game you can order it from Malfador. The registered version comes with 15 more tech levels which include more ship sizes, weapons, and more! (There are more details in the game itself).

Category: Miscellaneous
Version: 1.5
Compatibility: SE2
Filesize: 917.37 Kb
Added on: Jul-20-2005
Downloads: 10764
Rating: 5.20 (5 Votes)

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