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Download Profile: Crimson Concept Mod v9.0

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Additional Download Details
Title: Crimson Concept Mod v9.0
Compatibility:SE5 1.79
Filesize:17.52 MB
Added on:Oct-04-2012
Download Description Details
Designed to focus new, revised, and interest concepts. The following are the new concepts added:

* Corporation/Private Research funding
- Creates the Corporation/Private research section base on the number and type of facilities build and adds RP to techs randomly.

* VW Technology
- Technology that skips most shield types and causes 3 - 5 times the amount of damage to armor and internal components

* Dimensional Manipulation (Enhanced)
- Provides Technology that increase the abilities of some facilities/comp based on if internal space was increase.

* Reduce planet''s cond. due to space battles
- Planet''s involved on battle and receive damage, has it''s planet cond. reduced.

* Religious > Add bonus for Religious empires to exp bonus and increase chance of a positive event based on Religious tech and pop amount.

* Temporal > Added a few new Comps
* Mechanoids > Add new Abilities and Fix some old ones
* Event > FTL Attack move script
* Event > Cure planet with ship/base in same sector as planet with Medical Bay
* Fix problems with Patent setup, Space infrastructure, and some of the other facilities/comp

New Comps/Facilities/Units/Tech
* Comp
- Cloaking Device AI > Working cloaking device for AI
- Null-Space Shield Generator
- High-Energy Kamikaze Warhead > Allow for fighters to be useful later in game
- Pin-point barrier system
- Heavy Neutron Armor
* Facilities
- Medical Clinic > Cure plagues on this Planet

MODs Integrated
* BM 1.19i.beta data and BM 1.19h script
* Base AI from Fishsteak''s Enhanced BM Race AI

Plus all the other concept from previous versions...

This Mod is based off of the Balanced Mod 1.19i data file with BM1.19h scripts. Any questions on any of the concepts used in this Mod either post on the forums, email me, or look up the NOTES page at Hope you like the Mod and any suggest will be welcome.

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