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Description: Other Space Empires IV Gold related files.


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Halo Components  Popular

Extract to Data Folder. Includes MAC Gun Images and Modified Components File. Later Versions will include Archer Missile Pods, Autocannons, Slipspace Drive, etc.

Version: 1.0
Compatibility: SE4 1.91
Filesize: 530 bytes
Added on: Jul-19-2008
Downloads: 4082

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Windowed SE4 Tool  Popular

Task bar tool that causes SE4 to run in pseudo-windowed mode. Also contains handy shortcuts, such as shift-click to add 10 copies of a component to a design (or ctrl for 50).

Author: SuicideJunkie
Version: x
Compatibility: SE4
Filesize: 195.37 Kb
Added on: Mar-27-2008
Downloads: 9146

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Fyron's Mod Launcher  Popular

Mod/savegame loader utility for Space Empires IV. It features many improvements over the classic launcher written by Matryx:

- Acts as a normal window. This means you can resize and move it around.

- Double clicking on a mod name is equivalent to hitting Launch SE4 button.

- Double clicking on a savegame name is equivalent to hitting Load Game button. You can also hit enter to run the savegame when the cursor is in the player number or password boxes.

- You can specify an alternate mod path. This is useful if you prefer to keep all of your mods in a Mods folder.

- You can process turns as host directly from the interface, without changing the player number and password every time you want to play the turn, then process it manually.

- You do not have to run the launcher from the SE4 folder. If you do not, it will check the default installation locations. If this fails, it will provide a prompt to specify a location.

- Savegames are listed in a tree view, categorized by mod folder name.

- When you select a savegame, the date last played will be displayed in the status bar.

The program requires the .NET Framework 2.0.

Author: Fyron
Version: 0.23
Compatibility: SE4
Filesize: 158.41 Kb
Added on: Jul-17-2007
Downloads: 9310

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AI Research Builder 0.10  Popular

Graphical tool for editing AI research files. Requires .NET 2.0 Framework.

Author: Fyron
Version: 0.10
Compatibility: SE4
Filesize: 43.40 Kb
Added on: Jun-11-2007
Downloads: 4691

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Shooters  Popular

Classic space shooter game in the style of SE4. Defend Earth against an invasion by the Eee in a Terran battle cruiser.

Author: Ed Marshal
Version: 1
Compatibility: Winrar
Filesize: 817.04 Kb
Added on: Aug-30-2006
Downloads: 2339

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Drukman  Popular

As the title suggests, it is a pacman clone, but with a Drushocka as the protagonist. His catchphrase, "mineral planets are the best," is always worth a few giggles.

Author: Ed Marshal
Version: 1
Compatibility: Winrar
Filesize: 703.52 Kb
Added on: Aug-30-2006
Downloads: 4088

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SJ's AI Patcher 2b  Popular

Utility which will automatically convert a stock AI to work in Pirates and Nomads Mod. Also has a function to make it work in a generic QNP mod.

Author: Suicide Junkie
Version: 2b
Compatibility: SE4
Filesize: 19.09 Kb
Added on: Apr-03-2006
Downloads: 1583

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Sound Pack 1.00  Popular

The Sound Pack is a compilation of sounds ready to be used in mods. Modders can gain access to a wide variety of sounds without having to make each mod very large.

Author: Fyron
Version: 1.00
Compatibility: SE4
Filesize: 16.64 MB
Added on: Jan-16-2005
Downloads: 4906

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SE4 Batch No Installer  Popular

SE4 Batch is designed for AI testing purposes. It is capable of having SE4 process a lot of turns in a relatively short amount of time.

This version does not use the installer. It is an archived copy of an installed version. It should work on Windows 2000/XP.

Help to install:

- Unzip into a folder.

- Create a shortcut into the desk to run the program.

- Change the folders where is placed SE4, the savegames and the mod (if you're using it), considering that need to use dos names (with 8 characters).

Author: Master Belisarious
Compatibility: SE4 Gold
Filesize: 4.30 MB
Added on: Sep-25-2004
Downloads: 4362

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SJ's WeaponStats  Popular

Calculates various statistical values for each weapon in a mod. Useful for balancing weapons.

You might get the following error if you have Windows XP or Vista:

"Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid"

To resolve this, download COMDLG32.OCX
and extract it into the same directocy as the Weapon Stats program.

Author: Suicide Junkie
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: SE4
Filesize: 9.08 Kb
Added on: Aug-17-2004
Downloads: 2572

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