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Description: Game data modifications (mods) for Space Empires IV Gold.

Deprecated  (39) 
Older versions of mods for Space Empires IV Gold.
   ModWorks  (8) 
Practical implementations of Space Empires IV modding concepts.

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Adamant 0.16.10 Patch  Popular

Patch for Adamant Mod to version 0.16.10.

Author: Fyron
Version: 0.16.10
Compatibility: SE4 1.94+
Filesize: 1.17 MB
Added on: Mar-24-2008
Downloads: 11842

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Adamant Mod 0.16.00 FQM  Popular

Mod under development. The basic premis of the mod is that you can choose to be one of three major types of races: Physical, Organic, Magical.

Physical races are just like normal SE4 races. They research and employ technologies, such as Shields, Anti-Proton Beams and Master Computers. Their defenses are balanced between shields and armor.

Organic races depend upon genetic manipulation and forced evolution. There ships are living, crew-less entities. Their armor is stronger than their shielding.

Magical races research and use magical spells instead of normal technologies. They exist at quasi-medieval level of technology. They use magicaly enchanted ships that can travel through the Astral Plane (outer space) to get to other worlds. Their shields are stronger than their armor.

The FQM file contains everything except the Image Mod. It contains the nebulae, black hole and other system pictures from FQM Deluxe.

Author: Fyron
Version: 0.16.00
Compatibility: SE4 1.94
Filesize: 46.67 MB
Added on: Nov-03-2006
Downloads: 14718

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Adamant Mod 0.16.00 Full  Popular

Mod under development. The basic premise of the mod is that you can choose to be one of five major types of races: Physical, Organic, Magical, Energy or Machine. Note that Energy and Machine are not yet fully implemented. Additionally, you can now choose to play as a Pirate or a Nomadic race, based on the classic Pirates and Nomads mod by Suicide Junkie.

Visit the web site for more information.

The full file contains everything except the Image Mod and the system graphics from FQM Deluxe You will need to install these separately.

Author: Fyron
Version: 0.16.00
Compatibility: SE4 1.94
Filesize: 21.64 MB
Added on: Nov-03-2006
Downloads: 11633

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Adamant Mod 0.16.00 Lite  Popular

Mod under development. The basic premise of the mod is that you can choose to be one of five major types of races: Physical, Organic, Magical, Energy or Machine. Note that Energy and Machine are not yet fully implemented. Additionally, you can now choose to play as a Pirate or a Nomadic race, based on the classic Pirates and Nomads mod by Suicide Junkie.

Visit the web site for more information.

The lite file contains no images whatsoever.

Author: Fyron
Version: 0.16.00
Compatibility: SE4 1.94
Filesize: 2.61 MB
Added on: Nov-03-2006
Downloads: 8760

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Additional Music Mod  Popular

This mod contains a new set of background music files. This download contains the settings.txt file to use these files. You will also need to download the music files themselves in 5 parts:


Artist Credits

Author: BatMat
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: All versions of SEIV
Filesize: 479 bytes
Added on: Sep-01-2013
Downloads: 5670

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Advanced SE4 - Advanced Ships BETA  Popular

This is the second BETA version of Advanced SE4, a mod project that aims to combine the best concepts from all other mods into one coherent package.

Advanced Ships contains re-designed ship hull sizes to make capital ships feel like capital ships.

Sizes range from the 75kt short range Patrol Ship to the 50000kt Battlemoon.

Large ships are much larger than stock, can mount more weapons, and are more expensive to build. For example, a dreadnought is extremely powerful and efficient in battle, but your economy may not be able to sustain more than a handful of them.

Light ships can be built quicker and cheaper, but are higher maintenance-per-tonnage, and generally less effective in combat than large ships.

Advanced Ships uses a two-tiered QNP system, one propulsion scale for light ships, and another scale for heavy.

Standard Armor is now Light Armor, and Emissive Armor has been replaced with Heavy Armor, which is leaky, high tonnage, high damage-resistance, and contains the stock emissive ability.

This version includes an updated version of Advanced Quadrants, a combination of FQM Deluxe, Krsqk''s System Mod, Kwok''s Galaxy Mod, with some additions and balance changes.

This beta version is entirely playable in single- or multi-player, but the AI still has some trouble with the new hull sizes and propulsion system.

The unit sizes, tech tree, most components, and some other items have not yet been touched, and will be updated in another version.

Author: Urendi Maleldil
Version: 0.2b
Compatibility: SE4 1.94+
Filesize: 29.54 MB
Added on: Jan-30-2008
Downloads: 9698

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AI Campaign  Popular

AI Campaign Is optimized for Solitaire Play, Simultaneous Play, and Finite resources. It can be enjoyed in multiplayer LAN or PBEM games as well.

AI Campaign incorporates below mods by JLS

AI Balance: Created specifically for a more challenging AI. AI balance allows the AI and Human Players to have some specific Components, Vehicles, and Abilities. Some examples are: the AI better handles mines now, point to point re-supply, faster ship training, sector scanning, Stellar manipulations, combating Plagues, low level Master Computers to name a few

Tactical Fighter: Fighters now move in Tactical combat only. On the Strategic map, when launched over a planet or any sector, they remain on combat patrol for that sector until recovered by a Carrier or your planet. This makes for some interesting strategies and designs.

Finite Economics: This helps the AI better handle finite play and will enhance greatly the value of building Towns and Cities in AI Campaign. Finite economics mod Introduces Imperial Trade, trade centers and Asteroid Resource Domes.

Multiplayer Ladder Handicap: This helps less experienced players in your group by selecting an agreed MP ladder Handicap Level selection or selections from the Traits Menu for a point bonus that can be spent by weaker players before staring a new game.

Author: JLS
Version: 4.191a
Filesize: 5.34 MB
Added on: Aug-09-2003
Downloads: 16666
Rating: 9.44 (9 Votes)

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AJC-Mount Mod  Popular

Mount Modification for Base game. No technology changes. However technology will have to be researched to discover the new mounts.

Ships become much tougher in this mod. I compensated by incorporating miniturization into all of the advanced weapon mounts and increasing the damage dealt. To look at the mod look at the CompEnhancement.txt file. This file can be found in:

Space Empires IVMountMod-AJCDataCompEnhancement.txt


Shield Generator mounts come in two types, the first level will only require you to research level 3 shields before the 1st generation shield mounts come into play for bases, 400+ KT ships and 200+ KT weapon platforms.

Each mount type has unique tech requirements. The technology requirements for the new mounts are spread throughout the tech tree. Here is a breakdown of the tech levels that are required to activate the various stages of the new mounts.

Tech & Tech Levels

- Advanced Military Science -1,2,3,4,5,6

- Physics -2,3

- Computers -2,3,4,5,6

- Applied Research -2,3

- Propulsion -6

- Stellar Harnessing -5

- Shields -3,6

- Armor -6

- Point Defense -5

- Colonization -1 (Gs,Ic & Rk)

List of New Mounts:

2 x Shield mounts, Armor mount, improved weapon mounts, Point Def Mount, Engine/Solar Sail Mounts, seeker mount, Hardened Computers, miniturization of components, improved basic weapons (using mounts), colony module.

Author: AJC
Version: 3.02
Filesize: 1.30 MB
Added on: Aug-09-2003
Downloads: 7792

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Art of War  Popular

The Art of War mod was inspired by a Shrapnel games forum discussion about whether it was more important in SEIV to master the science of what techs to use, or the Art of War and strategy aspects of the game.

I am attempting to do three things with this mod. First I want to lessen the impact of the various racial traits, and techs that modify combat to hit and avoid getting hit. In the stock game slight imbalances between opponents in these areas can result in hugely disproportionate combat results.

Secondly, I want to try to extend the life of some of the weapons and other tech (Including smaller ship hulls) that become obsolete too early in the game in my opinion.

Finally I want to try and introduce more "Guns or Butter" choices in the game. Areas where decisions need to be made between military and economic strength.

One decision I made early on that will make this mod somewhat unique is that I will not allow myself to become limited by what the AI can or cannot handle. I will make no effort myself to optimize the AI for use in this mod. Others are free to do so if they wish, but I will not even attempt it. This may result in the mod being only useable for multiplayer SEIV. If that is the case, I can live with that.

Author: dumbluck, Geoschmo
Version: 0.81
Filesize: 386.19 Kb
Added on: Aug-09-2003
Downloads: 7880

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AST Mod 2.0 (Star Trek Mod)  Popular

This is the latest full version of the AST (Atrocities Star Trek Mod) 2.0

This file is a fresh copy of the one that I have. This is a premier mod that makes significant use of other mod concepts that result in an immersive Star Trek oriented universe within the confines and rules of Space Empires IV. This is as close to a complete conversion mod that can be made for this game at the time of its inception back in 2003.

The mod was last updated in 2007 and hasn''t been changed since. There are most likely some bugs that are still active. If you find one, please report it.

Author: Atrocities
Version: 2.0
Compatibility: GOLD
Filesize: 20.18 MB
Added on: Jun-15-2014
Downloads: 9122

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