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Description: Obsolete versions of Space Empires V mods, maintained primarily for PBW games.


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AddOn Mod v1.2  Popular

The AddOn Mod adds new kind of planets Condensed, Water, Enormous and Gigantus as well as new atmospheres Ammonia, Sulphur Dioxide and Hydrochloric. It changes graphic to a universe adding dust stars, more stars and planets rotation. In a relation to the Balance Mod, supply abilities of planets were rebalanced, a few changes to the technologies of facilities were added as well as Hostile Atmosphere trait. Changes in an arrangement of science groups were made and a mud section of the galaxy was added in starting options. All above new as well as older elemets are balanced appropriately.

AddOn 1.2 Mod is a general mod changing the main elements in the game. But it's structure allows new ideas to be included. The goal is to make a new level of 4x game ( SE5) including every enjoyable elements all together.

The latest version is 1.20, which is compatible with the US/English v1.79 of Space Empires V. It includes Captain Kwok's Balance Mod v1.19g AI.

Author: Kuna
Version: 1.2
Compatibility: SE5 1.79
Filesize: 13.12 MB
Added on: Sep-30-2010
Downloads: 2362

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Balance Mod v1.09  Popular

The SE:V Balance Mod is a project that started during the summer of 2006 before SE:V made its debut. It's an attempt to provide a set of balanced data files in the spirit of the standard game.

Author: Captain Kwok
Version: 1.09
Compatibility: SE5 1.44
Filesize: 5.07 MB
Added on: Jun-10-2007
Downloads: 3618

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Balance Mod v1.09 PBW Patch  Popular

This patch allows BM 1.09 games to be played in the SE5 1.58 patch. It's primarily intended for v1.09 PBW games, but it does have an AI update for those that wish to carry v1.09 Balance Mod saved games to the v1.58 SE:V patch. Note that you need v1.09 installed prior to applying the patch.

Author: Captain Kwok
Version: 1.09 PBW
Compatibility: SE5 1.58
Filesize: 2.26 MB
Added on: Oct-23-2007
Downloads: 1372

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Balance Mod v1.14  Popular

The SE:V Balance Mod is a project that started during the summer of 2006 before SE:V made its debut. It's an attempt to provide a set of balanced data files in the spirit of the standard game. Make sure to get the 1.14a patch to continue your savegames in SE5 1.71

Note that savegames created with Balance Mod v1.09 or below will not work with Balance Mod v1.14. Balance Mod v1.10-13 savegames will, however.

Author: Captain Kwok
Version: 1.14
Compatibility: SE5 1.66
Filesize: 6.35 MB
Added on: Feb-21-2008
Downloads: 10000

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Balance Mod v1.14a Patch  Popular

SE5 1.71-compatible patch of Balance Mod 1.14. Install the full version of 1.14 before applying this patch. See the Release Notes for more information.

Author: Captain Kwok
Version: 1.14a
Compatibility: SE5 1.71
Filesize: 2.84 MB
Added on: Mar-27-2008
Downloads: 6808

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Crimson Concept Mod v0.5.01  Popular

Designed to focus new, revised, and interest concepts. The following are new concepts for 5.01:

Detail Info for 5.0
* Nomad Comps

Allows players to build a space base empire. No AI support.

* Loan System

A system that allows empires to apply for loans to help with hard economic times. The loan system uses a 30 yr fix term. This system also adds a saving account setup so player with resources can gain interest off those resource. But if an empire doesn't make their payments, watch out for the repo man. The AI is supported.

* Mercenary System

Adds the ability for an empire to hire Mercenary ships by building them at a very low cost. The plus side to Mercenary ships are that they have slight more powerful weapons and armor, Can be build faster, and more a slight increase in to hit. The down sides are that all the ships in system with a Mercenary ship will take a hit on exp, the maintenance cost is the same as normal ships, if the Mercenary ship is out number by enemy ship in system some will run away, and if a system has to large a percent of Mercenary ship to normal ship the Mercenaries in system may take over that system.

* The New Mods add
- BM pollution mod 1.01
- Balanced Mod 1.18 with minor fix

* Fix some more bugs and balance issues, Much more stable now.

* All previous versions concepts

Concepts Add, revised, and Removed for 5.01
- Remove Planetary Yards

- Limit Planet Ship Yards
A ship yard facilities on planets are limited to building ships no greater 600. Has AI support.

- Improve the importance of home worlds and older worlds, Changed the number of facilities.
1. Arcology : This facility increases the amount of space and cargo area on a planet.
2. World Shell : This facility increases the amount of space and cargo area on a planet by double.

Version 0.5.01 (12 March 2009)
Fix > PlanetSize.txt
Add > Max Loan Amount to Log message
Change > Lower term time, 10 yrs
Fix > AI script problem with Loan system causing hang ups and Index Errors
Add > Cultural value is now effected by each empires government, Ender should love this.
Change > Max Limit of Loan system to include Storage and The total Production of resource produced.
Fix > Comp Problems
Change > Slow down Research
Remove > Planetary Yard, Could not make it work the way I wanted to.
Add > New Concept, Limit Planet SY to building ships no larger than 600, AI Supported
Add > Value for Mercenary to leave/rebel to Log message.
Change > Now only 2 facilities need to increase facilities on planets

Version 0.5.0 (04 March 2009)

* Add > Intel Shop, Research Lab - Nomad Comps
* Add > Radioactives Resource Tank, Organic Resource Tank, Mineral Resource Tank - Nomad Comps
* Add > Ordnance depot, Solar Resupply Center, Quantum Resupply Center - Nomad Comps
* Add > Loan System with AI support
* Add > Institute of Galactic Finance, IGF Credit Union - Loan Facilities
* Add > Tech - Loan Economic
* Add > Tech - Radioactives Loan, Organics Loan, Minerals Loan
* Add > Mercenary System with AI support
* Add > Mercenary Bridge Lvl 1, Mercenary Bridge Lvl 2 - Mercenary comps
* Add > Mercenary Mounts
* Add > Tech - Mercenary Systems
* Integrated > Captain Kwok's Balance Mod 1.18 with minor fix
* Integrated > BM pollution mod
* Add > Mechaniod Medical Lab with AI support
* Change > Medical Lab back to normal
* Fix > Minor fixes to the comps, facilities, and events
* Change > Adjust the research valve in the event script
* Change > AI Global Functions to adjust for different size facilities
* Change > Plague spread rate is divide by the number of Medical Facilities in system.
* Change > Plague Now checks planets to see if pop > 1 million and if not clear the planet of plague
* Change > Increase all Colony comp cost
* Change > Increase space station increase rate from 100 to 200

There is more info on the new concept under [url=]Notes Here[/url]. Hope you guys like it.

He ponders the dangers inherent in the advantages, and advantages inherent in the dangers. - Ts'ao Ts'ao

Crimson's SEV Site for Crimson Concept Mod, Highlighter, Blog, and Other things SEV

Author: Cimson
Version: 0.5.01
Compatibility: SE5 1.77
Filesize: 4.27 MB
Added on: Mar-12-2009
Downloads: 3748

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Crimson Concept Mod v8.0  Popular

Designed to focus new, revised, and interest concepts. The following are the currently concepts:

- Racial Traits - Pirates
Allows the creation of an pirate empire in the game by allowing early access to tech and comp, new a comp and facility, and bonus to current comps. Has AI support.

- Racial Traits - Organic Host
Creates living organic ships, which gain and loses bonus abilities basic on the experiences of the ships. The living organic ships are only half the size of the normals, but gains a new comp "Ship Brain" to control the ship by. Has AI support.

- Hive Mind
This concept adds a single mind type empire with a Hive Mind needed to run the empire properly. If the Hive Mind is loss then the empire will have several penalties.

- Racial Traits - Monster
Allows for a work around to have monsters in the game with special abilities comps. The monster empire will be limited on the number of ships it''s allow to have in the game and by the fact that it''s research techs are only what other player have researched. Has AI support.

- Budget management based on politic ideology type
Allows an empire to reduce maintenance cost of the empire, but at the cost of side effects, by the use of facilities. The amount of maintenance cost lowed, the side effects and the scope of both are based on the politic ideology type a empire has researched. There are three types in the game now: Democratic, Socialism, and Fascism.

- Inter-nation public relation
The effects on happiness of an planet based on the present of another empire in the same system with other factors including, but not limited to, it size and facilities on those planets in that system. No Effect on AI

- Over crowding
Decrease Planet happiness if planet''s pop is too high and increase happiness if planet''s pop is low. No Effect on AI

- Remote Storms
Collect resources from storms like remote mining comps do. Has AI support.

A facility that divides Pollution value use in the BM Pollution Mod.

- Mad scientist
A new Research facility that has a increase in research at the cost of side effects. Has AI support.

- Minor seasonal to planets
Allows for the increase and decrease of the organic value based on the date, planet size, and distance from the sun.

- Weapon Customization Techs
Allows the customization of weapons comp based on different weapon types to give bonus in the areas of range, damage, structure point, tonnage Space, and Reload Time. One thing to note however is that an empire can not research all the customization techs.

- Society Tech Improvements
Though the use of Applied and Weapon techs Player gain New Cultural Achievement that help the empire.

- Zero Supplies Event
When ships only run out of supplies, there is a chance of damage to the ship due to not being able to do ship upkeep.

- Patent System
Allows for allies to steal each other techs in a passive way, but at the cost of being fined. Has AI support.

- Vertical Scraper
Creates facilities that can increase abilities of current facilities on the planet without the need of using facility space. Vertical Scraper types can not be build on planets without the required parent facility. Has AI support.

- Mobile facilities
Develops an new unit that has similar abilities as facilities. No AI support.

- Enhance tax system
Turn current resource production to a 30% tax rate. This allows for facility policies that increase production amounts at the cost of pop happiness. No AI support.

- Planet Facility Analyze Tech
A concept that allow for the research of technology behind an facility. No AI support.

- Integrated > BM 1.19g and the Zero_Population_Decay Mod

- New Comps/Techs
Engine Room > Repair ships on ships. Has AI Support.
Repair Deck > Repair Units on ships.
Point-Defense Electric Field > organic PD
Co-op Ship Yard Module > Ship based Robotoid Factory
Pod Plasma Missile > POD version of the Plasma Missile
Pod Anti-Matter Torpedo > POD version of the Anti-Matter Torpedo
Pod Quantum Torpedo > POD version of the Quantum Torpedo
Pod Gamma Pulse Torpedo > POD version of the Gamma Pulse Torpedo

- New Facility
Home World Culture Center > Make Home worlds more valuable.

- New Images
Using images from Kontana''s pic Mod.

- Damage Type Change
Deplete Supplies damage type don''t skip shield now.

- Plus all the concepts from the other versions

This Mod is based off of the Balanced Mod 1.19g with minor fix. Any questions on any of the concepts used in this Mod either post on the forums, email me, or look up the NOTES page at Hope you like the Mod and any suggest will be welcome.

Version 0.8.0 (09 June 2010)
- Fix > Tech > Fire black hole Cannon tech
- Fix > Event > Happiness in events
- Fix > Event > police unit event
- Add > Ship types > 25 New Ship Types
- Add > Monster Concept with event
- Add > Monster Comp > Monster Brain and Nervous System, Nat Ability, Jelly Fish Ability, Dragonfly Ability, Dragon Ability, Star Fish Ability, Poison Ivy Ability, Moth Ability, Spider Ability, Worm Ability
- Add > Monster Tech > Monster Tech
- Add > Facility > EPA Bureau
- Change > Add on EPA code to event
- Add > Tech > Pollution Protection and Insanity Research
- Add > Facility > Mad scientist event and Insanity Research Center
- Add > Event > Remote Mining of Storms
- Add > Comp > Collector-Miners, Collector-Farmers, Collector-Extractors
- Add > Seasonal Organic Event
- Add > Some of FQM object type abilities
- Add > Kontana''s pic Mod
- Add > Event > Planet Infrastructure Budget
- Add > New Facilities > Democratic > Transportation Control Spending Act, Social Security Control Spending Act, General Services Control Spending Act, Health Control Spending Act, Public Safety Control Spending Act, Corp of Engineers Control Spending Act, and Education Control Spending Act
- Add > New Facilities > Socialism > Central Transportation Commission Spending Act, Central Social Security Commission Spending Act, Central General Services Commission Spending Act, Central Health Commission Spending Act, Central Public Safety Commission Spending Act, Central Corp of Engineers Commission Spending Act, Central Education Commission Spending Act
- Add > New Facilities > Fascism > Institute of Transportation Spending Act,Institute of Social Security Spending Act, Institute of General Services Spending Act, Institute of Health Spending Act, Institute of Public Safety Spending Act, Institute of Corp of Engineers Spending Act, Institute of Education Spending Act
- Add > Tech > Democratic, Socialism, Fascism
- Add > New Event > Over crowding
- Integrated > BM 1.19g
- Add > racial trait > Organic Host Manipulation, Pirate, Space Monster
- Add > Ship > Organic Host Racial Trait Ships
- Add > Comp > Ship Brain
- Add > Exp > Add a exp setup for Organic Host only
- Add > facility > Hive Mind
- Add > Tech > Hive Technology, Organic Host Technology
- Add > Comp > Admiral Mind, Commodore Mind
- Add > Tech > Jump Drive Pirated Engines, Pirate Technology
- Integrated > Life After People mini-mod
- Add > Event > Inter-nation public relations > What the pop of one empire''s planet thinks of another empire''s polices in that planet''s system effecting the happiness of the planet in question.
- Add > Comp > Engine Room and Repair Deck
- Add > Comp > Co-op Ship Yard Module
- Change > Deplete Supplies damage type don''t skip shield now
- Add > Comp > Point-Defense Electric Field , organic PD
- Change > Changed some of the images in the Mod
- Add > Tech > Weapon customization Techs > Alot of them
- Add > Cultural Achievement > Society Tech Improvements > Society Happiness Improvement, Society Population Maintenance Improvement, Society Radioactive Industry Improvement, Society Organic Industry Improvement, Society Minerals Industry Improvement, and Society Research Improvement
- Change > facility > all cutural facility now increases Maintenance cost
- Add > AI > AI will now build micro SY
- Change > AI > change the selection value of space structure
- Add > facility > Black Market
- Add > AI > AI support for pirate
- Add > AI > AI support for Organic Host
- Fix > Facility > Arcology had a limiting problem
- Change > Massive Ionic Disperser can not target bases now.
- Change > Adjusted L. Armor so it not better than WP Armor
- Add > AI Support for Co-op Ship Yard Module
- Add > AI Support for all multi-colony modules types
- Add > AI Support for Custom weapon tech
- Fix > Event > Event script was allows for multi Asteroid planet in a one Asteroid sector
- Change > Event > In the monster FTL event, the ship orders are now cleared after jump.
- Add > Event > When ships only run out of supplies, there is now a chance of damge being done to the ship due to the fact that the ship can no long do systems upkeep.
- Add > concept > Patent System > A passive way of gaining techs from allies.
- Add > facility > Trademark Law Center and Reverse Engineering Center
- Add > tech > Patent System
- Add > facility > Cargo Vertical Scraper
- Add > facility > Radioactive Resource Storage Vertical Scraper
- Add > facility > Organic Resource Storage Vertical Scraper
- Add > facility > Mineral Resource Storage Vertical Scraper
- Add > facility > Intelligence Vertical Scraper
- Add > facility > Research Vertical Scraper
- Add > facility > Radioactives Extraction Vertical Scraper
- Add > facility > Organics Farm Vertical Scraper
- Add > facility > Mineral Miner Vertical Scraper
- Add > AI support to scraper facilities
- Add > AI support of patent
- Fix > problem with upgrading and mothball
- Add > New Unit Mobile facility
- Add > Mobile Facility Resupply Center and Mobile Facility Armory
- Add > Mobile facilities comps > Mobile Facility Extraction Facility, Mobile Facility Farm Facility, Mobile Facility Mineral Miner, and Mobile Facility Core System
- Add > Mobile facilities comps > Mobile Facility Psi Slaver, Mobile Facility Ice 9, Mobile Facility Time Sphere, Mobile Facility Mar Shrine, and Mobile Facility Bio Gloo
- Change > The AI take it''s society type into it''s thinking when picking which tech area to research.
- Add > new missile pod weapons > Pod Plasma Missile,Pod Anti-Matter Torpedo,Pod Quantum Torpedo, and Pod Gamma Pulse Torpedo
- Add > Concept > concept that allow for the research of technology behind an facility
- Add > new comps > Civil Engineering Team and Deconstruction Team
- Add > New tech > Planet Analyze Tech
- Add > Concept > Increase tax system > Turn the current to a 30% base tax rate with new policy facilities with planet/system/empire scope. Increase rate decrease happiness, no AI support
- Add > facility > 12 new tax system facilities
- Fix > Asteroid planet flag center on planet now
- Change > Increase asteroid dome maintenance
- Change > event > Plague now adjust based on game severity
- Change > Event > Trade amount related to lost ratio increase x 3
- Add > Facility > Home World Culture Center

Author: Rnl
Version: 8.0
Compatibility: SE5 1.79
Filesize: 16.84 MB
Added on: Jun-11-2010
Downloads: 8440

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Dark Nova v5.03  Popular

SEV version of Dark Nova mod. The main concept of this mod is Diversity. Development of this mod will be in stages.
5.03 includes several new ship sizes (scout, escort, corvette, worldship), lots of new unit types and dedicated ship hulls.

Another addition is lots of new Unique Ruins techs. Many new Uniques including Enhanced ship hulls techs.

Further versions will add more Enhanced techs and Cross-over Techs.

Author: bearclaw
Version: 5.03
Compatibility: SE5 1.66
Filesize: 418.96 Kb
Added on: Feb-02-2008
Downloads: 4360

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DJAS Mod v11  Popular

arthurtuxedo's reworking of Captain Kwok's Balance Mod, featuring a 3 tiered ship system and more.

Author: arthurtuxedo
Version: 11
Compatibility: SE5 1.44
Filesize: 2.14 MB
Added on: Aug-29-2007
Downloads: 3272

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DJAS Mod v30  Popular

arthurtuxedo's DJAS mod version 30.

DJAS mod is built from the Balance Mod (what isn't?), but completely overhauls the weapons, vehicle sizes, and armor / shields.

Weapons, armor, and shields have quasi-infinite tech trees with 100 levels, but with 2 research Breakthrough techs that usher in powerful new weapons and defenses. The breakthrough techs are expensive, though, so a player must be careful when to research them. Too early and one will be left wide open to an early rush. Too late and you will be facing an opponent with hyperadvanced tech.

A starting player has access to all ship sizes right away, and they all get bigger together. Bigger is not necessarily better, but you will need big, small, and medium ships to win. Every vehicle type is countered by another, and there is no one size that will carry a player to victory by itself.

Please note, this mod has no functioning AI and is multiplayer only. There are no plans to implement AI.

Changes since the last posted version include many bugfixes and improvements to game balance and TIE Fighter-style mines.

Author: arthurtuxedo
Version: 30
Compatibility: SE5 1.79
Filesize: 2.19 MB
Added on: Oct-01-2009
Downloads: 1892

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