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Description: Various documents relating to Space Empires V.


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Balance Mod 1.19 - Ship Space compairison worksheet  Popular

An Excel worksheet compairing each ship and unit size and level with how much kTons are left over after allocating kTonnage for crew/life support (or Master Computer), engines, fighter bays (20% for carriers), and cargo bays (40% for freighters). Also includes offensive / defensive modifiers, maintenance modifiers, and Mine's cloaking levels.

v1.0 - Just has ships
v1.1 - Added units, and ship/unit modifier info. Fixed Master Computer Tonnage.

Author: Kontana
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: Balance Mod 1.19
Filesize: 10.22 Kb
Added on: Nov-01-2009
Downloads: 7568

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BM1.19g Dynamic Ship Analyzor v2.6  Popular

Started in August 2009 to compare Life/Crew/Bridge Control to Master Computer for an email game. The project grew when I wanted interacting formulas and the ability to quickly modify them as Captain Kwok tweaks his mod.

Currently, it calculates: build, maintenance, and quanity costs, movement, most attack and defense modifiers, sight range and level, supply usage and storage from engines, cargo and control types, taken and available tonnage, crew/life requirements, armor and it's bonuses, racial, advanced, and society modifiers, stealth modifiers, and warnings to meet the chassis/control/engine/sensor/racial/armor requirements.

Uses drop menus, a few type-in boxes, level dependency, and allowable combinations

v2.6 compressed sensor and cargo types, expanded notes, warnings, and maintenance sections, added Auxiliary Control, Supply, and Ordnance Storage, fixed false organic and crystalline bonuses.
v2.5 fixed quantities box, was locked
v2.4 added maintenance costs, quantities, society types (for maintenance), fixed false errors, reorganized armor into Heavy, Small, and Light, added Satellites, Weapons Platforms, and Troops
v2.3 added armor, armor bonuses, stealth modifiers, updated formulas to BM1.19f, expanded racials, and warnings
v2.2 added sensors, drones, and fighters, expanded attack and defense modifiers, expanded warnings
v2.0 dependent formulas and drop menus
v1~1.5 charts

-does not work correctly in Open Office v1.9-

Author: CamoAlien
Version: 2.6
Compatibility: Office 2003+
Filesize: 40.00 Kb
Added on: Dec-18-2009
Downloads: 7230

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How to Script a New Ship Size and Type  Popular

A power point presentation of how to script a new ship size and type into the game. Assumes you know some programming, how to use the compiler/parser and have the ship modeled and already set up in the shipXfile.txt in the empire folder.

Author: isopsycho
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: SE5 1.77
Filesize: 55.15 Kb
Added on: Jul-19-2009
Downloads: 6878

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Light - Heavy Armor quick armor Comparison  Popular

Quick armor comparison between Light and Heavy, Organic, Crystalline, and Normal.

Author: CamoAlien
Version: 1
Compatibility: excel 2003+
Filesize: 8.00 Kb
Added on: Dec-28-2009
Downloads: 6616

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SE5 Manual v1.13  Popular

Updated official manual for Space Empires 5 version 1.13.

Author: Malfador Machinations
Version: 1.13
Compatibility: SE5
Filesize: 173.34 Kb
Added on: Dec-18-2006
Downloads: 11453

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SE5 Tech Chart  Popular

PDF tech chart for the stock SE5 tech tree.

Author: Tampa Gamer
Version: 1.08
Compatibility: SE5
Filesize: 173.34 Kb
Added on: Nov-13-2006
Downloads: 24448

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SE:V Crash Course  Popular

This is a much abbreviated tutorial for those interested in learning how to play Space Empires V, written to get a new player into this complex game as quickly and easily as possible. It includes an illustrated, easy to understand, step-by-step guide to growing your own fledgling empire as well as solid, utilitarian gaming strategies and advice that no newcomer should be without.

Author: Donald Orr / Kingside_Bishop
Compatibility: SE5 1.35
Filesize: 124 bytes
Added on: Jun-18-2007
Downloads: 15058

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SEV Player Guide  Popular

It is the intention of this guide to ease new players' frustrations with some of the issues of the game and to present known solutions and workarounds for them so that newcomers would see that this entertainment vehicle is well worth the adjusting effort and continue to enjoy this otherwise excellent game.

Author: Tron
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: SE5
Filesize: 12.00 Kb
Added on: Jun-11-2011
Downloads: 7270

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