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Return to the Newsletter Archives home page. Newsletter - March 2005
Volume 1, Issue 1 - March 2005

________________________________________________________________________________ Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 1 - March 2005

Table of Contents

1) General News
2) Modding News
3) Community News
4) Race to Space Empires Five
5) Uncle Xintis' Humor Column
6) Hammer Time
7) Newsletter Information
8) Contribution Credits

1) General News

Welcome to the first issue of the Newsletter.

Applications for the long-awaited Space Empires V beta were accepted from March
14 to March 31. Malfador announced that a lottery would be held to fill many of
the slots for beta testers. The testing period is set to begin on or around
April 1st, 2005.

Shrapnel Games has announced that they will not be publishing Space Empires V.
Instead, Malfador has opted to go with Strategy First to try to capture the
broader retail market. There has been no announcement by Strategy First thus
far, however. There are very limited quantities of both Space Empires IV and
Starfury remaining in stock.

2) Modding News

Captain Kwok has released the first preview version of his Space Food Empires
Mod, a mod for SE4 that has been in development for many months. You can find
out more information about it at its web site.

The Star Trek Mod for SE4 has been updated from version to The
new release features new Federation ships.

Suicide Junkie released the first version of the Carrier Battles Mod. The mod
attempts to make carriers and fighters the mainstay of fleets. Several PBW
testing games rage on.

Invasion! Mod was updated to version 0.43. This release was primarily a bug fix

The Peoples Mod for Starfury was updated to version 0.21.

In the works:

Fyron's Quadrant Mod for SE4 is undergoing some major revamping in an attempt to
create more balanced quadrants in terms of planet types and atmospheres.

A new Star Wars Mod is being theorized on the Intel Forums, spearheaded by
Urendi Maleldil. There is on-going discussion about setting up the frame work
for the new mod.

3) Community News

The old home of The People's Mod for Starfury has closed down.
now hosts the official forums for the mod., home of the Star Trek Mod for SE4, is having severe hosting issues.
Atrocities writes that it might be going down at some point in the near future
as he searches for a new, reliable web host.

Combat Wombat's Space Empires Center opened early in March. While not
technically new, it has a new domain and has been revamped. It is in the process
of creating a repository of mod reviews.

One of the final rounds of the Race to SEV PBW Tournament has ended. RexTorres
came out as the winner.

The From the Beginning fan fiction story, written by Starhawk, is constantly
being updated with tantalizing new chapters.

The #SpaceEmpires IRC channel has had record levels of user participation.
Visitors can find all sorts of discussion to join in, ranging from modding SE
games to PBW games of SE4 to all sorts of general topics. ModWorks continues to develop its SE4 Modding FAQs. Various AI
FAQs, written by Atrocities and Rollo, have been added to the forums.

Captain Kwok has begun awarding outstanding community members with Community
Service Awards. The first award was granted to Imperator Fyron for his many
contributions to the Space Empires IV community, ranging from forum activity to
mod work to maintaining the largest fan-run Space Empires web site.

4) Race to Space Empires Five

Greetings everyone. The Round one games are finally winding down. Each game
started with eleven players. Only one player can win and advance to the final
round. Three games are complete with the following winners advancing to the
final round. The Dertran Game was won by Douglas. The Osshod Game was won by
Patron Flatline. The Tundran game was won by RexTorres. One game, the Atull
Game, carries on with ToddT (replacement for Slynky), Cheeze, Parasite, Joachim
and Gozguy still fighting it out on turn 2413.3. It is rumored that the game
could end within ten turns. Or when the game admin Kwok says, "enough?"

The final round will begin within one week of the completion of the Atull game.
Due to the time restraints the turns will be set at twenty four hours. The
settings for the final game are still secret so the current winners do not get
an edge over the Atull Game winner. The tournament raised Eight hundred and
Eighty dollars for Play By Web. So far we have used this money to purchase new
hard drives and pay for ISP costs.

Prizes will be handed out on #SpaceEmpires. The date will be announced after the
completion of the Atull game. I would like to invite the winners from round one
and all those who helped out in the tourney, the players and fans of the Space
Empires series to join #SpaceEmpires. It will be a fun night with tons of prizes
and three beta test slots, two copies of the Space Empires Five, six gift
certificates and one shipset from Atrocities handed out.

Well Take care everyone,
TescoSamoa and Captain Kwok

Editor's Note:
You can find information on how to connect to the #SpaceEmpires channel here:

5) Uncle Xintis' Humor Column

Top ten reasons you are addicted to Space Empires IV:

1. You bought your first computer just for this game. (Thanks PC Gamer Magazine)
2. SEIV is the only game on your hard drive.
3. You quit your job so you could dedicate more time to playing SEIV.
4. The only e-mail account on your computer is for PBW.
5. You wear out a mouse every month just by clicking.
6. When you close your eyes, all you see is a blue grid.
7. You stay up all night just to play "one more turn."
8. You changed your name to include Lord of the Known Universe.
9. When you're not playing SEIV, you're posting at Shrapnel.
10. When you're not posting at Shrapnel, you're playing SEIV.

To see the rest of the list, visit:

Random #SpaceEmpires IRC humor:

NarfPoitChezBOOM: Why not the 'I'm a nut' song?
RudyHuxtable: sometimes I feel like one.
RudyHuxtable: sometimes I don't.
NarfPoitChezBOOM: Well, as long as you don't hang from trees and cringe whenever
a squirrel comes along, your okay.
RudyHuxtable: True
* RudyHuxtable hangs from a tree

6) Hammer Time

It has been said by some tasteless people (well, I don't know any of them, but
it probably has) that wielding a hammer requires no skill, but only the
willingness to bring a blunt object on top of someones cranium with great force.

Clearly, this comment is much mistaken. There are many factors to consider and
the first is the length of your weapon.

Proper positioning is a must. It is very embarrassing, not to mention futile, to
find yourself either positioned too far from your target and thus missing
entirely, or too close and thus hitting them with the handle. While this can
have many humorous effects, it not only does not do as much damage, it can cause
damage to your hammer. This is contra-indicated.

It need not be said that aiming in the right direction is important, lest you
find yourself impacting your hammer on something you rather wouldn't have, such
as your newest device for The Transport And Movement Of Large, Bulk Materials or
even worse, not hitting anything at all.

Also to be considered, and which should be considered together, is the angle,
position and force of impact. If you wish to send someone sailing headfirst into
the wall, it is somewhat embarrassing if you find that instead of applying a
firm force to the lower-front of your targets chin, you have applied a firm
force only a little lower, causing them to hit the ceiling and then fall to the
ground. While onlookers may not know what you intend, you will, and competence
in hammer-whackage can only be built by a firm understanding of what you did
wrong and a commitment to improvement.

That covers the angle and position, but what about the force? Force is
important, as moderated by the angle and position, it determines how much and
what kind of damage you do. You should always have a clear idea and picture of
how much and what kind of damage you wish to apply.

If you wish to simply put someone to sleep, then a gentle tap atop the point of
the head is simply effective; however, if you wish to turn your target into a
frisbee, which you can then throw around to your hearts content, or at least
until they recover, then somewhat more force is needed - but so is precise
positioning. It is important, in such a case, to hit as close to a precise point
above the center of mass, and also as close to a straight line through the
targets body, as possible.

For one further example, to send someone sailing at as close to a forty-five
degree angle off to the side as you can, force is needed, but so is a precise
position close to the center of the body. More force and an impact point
divergent from the center will tend to spin your target.

'Till next time,
I'm Narf. And this has been, Hammer Time.

7) Newsletter Information

Contact Info

Web site:
Email: admin at spaceempires dot net
URC: #SpaceEmpires on ( )

This newsletter is put out by It focuses on all things
related to Space Empires.

To subscribe to the newsletter, you must register at the Portal
and select the option to receive the newsletter when editing your profile. You
can also unsubscribe from the newsletter in the same manner.

If you wish to contribute to this Newsletter, send an e-mail to the editor,
Imperator Fyron. Any relevant Space Empires related news will be accepted.
Currently, we are looking for writers wishing to contribute articles on subjects
such as game strategy, technical articles explaining various game features,
short fiction, etc.

We would like feedback on whether HTML formatted or plain text newsletters would
be preferred in the future. A poll on the forums has been

8) Contribution Credits

Newsletter editor: Imperator Fyron.

"Race to Space Empires Five" contributed by TescoSamoa.

"Hammer Time" contributed by NarfPoitChezBOOM.

The Space Empires series of games is produced by Malfador Machinations.

Space Empires IV and Space Empires: Starfury were published by Shrapnel Games.
Sharpnel Games has very limited quantites of both SE4 and SF remaining in stock.

All submitted materials are copyright by their respective owners and used with
full permission.

The Newsletter is copyright 2005 by the
Newsletter Staff. All rights reserved.

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2005-04-01 (5377 reads)

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