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Newbie Galactic Combat III

Page: 1/40

Written by Ruatha, Cyrien, Teal, Unknown_Enemy, Katchoo, Narrew, Alneyan, Vezzra, Thermodyne and Roanon

A new beginning
posted by: Cyrien Posted Thursday, Apr 10 at 11:58 PM
Thu, Apr 10 at 11:58:14 EDT

After Millenia beyond counting of drifting through the depths of space the Alteri had finally come close enough to a system to expand. In a massive exodus the population left their small poor homeworld as it passed through several locla systems and moved to three new much richer worlds.

The Alteri rapidly advanced more in those few hundred years than they had in all the millenia past put together. The wealth of these new worlds was staggering. The room for growth beyond belief. Shortly they would be ready.

They had detected strange gravitational readings at several points in their new home systems and the unified memories and thoughts of the scattered Alteri called out for their brethren across the void of space.

The time had come. Utilizing remote probes to redirect and harness local nearby asteroids the Alteri had the makings of their new hulls.

The Universe called to them with all the mysteries it possessed and the riches it had to harvest. The Alteri would answer as individuals and as one.

posted by: Ruatha Posted Saturday, Apr 12 at 7:08 AM
Sat, Apr 12 at 07:08:30 EDT

The Swedish nation hadn't been at war since 1814, now it was 2400.2 and they where in an entirely new situation.

Since casting off the opressive rule of the Terran authorities the Swedes had been busy building new spaceships.
This month the first Swedish built spaceships where launched.
Captain Lars Andersson of the "HMR Colony Scout Adam" was accelerating towards the nearest warp point.
His mission was to explore the universe and find a new world for the Swedes to settle.
The goal was clear, to expand and establish strong borders so that they would always remain a free nation, never again would they be ruled by someone elses goverment.
If this meant breaking a 600 year long peace, so be it.
They hoped they would find a peaceful universe, but prepared for the worst.

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Written by Ruatha, Cyrien, Teal, Unknown_Enemy, Katchoo, Narrew, Alneyan, Vezzra, Thermodyne and Roanon

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2004-05-13 (80601 reads)

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