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Starfury Patch 1.08 Released
Posted on Tuesday, October 21st @ 11:46 am GMT (10141 reads)
Space Empires: Starfury Shrapnel Games has released the 1st official Starfury patch, version 1.08, today. Click here for a direct link to the download. The file is 1,015 KB in size.

Here is a history of changes:

Version 1.08:
1. Note - Patch 1

Version 1.07:
1. Fixed - The game crashing when a sound card does not support 3D sound buffers.

Version 1.06:
1. Fixed - Problems with Shield and Armor readout displays when readout ability missing.
2. Fixed - Changed text of message when Quadrant Map or System Map unavailable.

Version 1.05:
1. Fixed - Abbidon Battleship had shield slots mixed up.
2. Fixed - The Images and XFiles subdirectories under a campaign directory weren't working.
3. Fixed - Some of the game pre-loaded graphics were not being overriden by campaign graphics.

Version 1.04:
1. Fixed - CD Checker was only checking drives J or less.
2. Fixed - In Campaign 2, the Fazrah Stealth Cruisers were not showing up.
3. Fixed - Beams weren't doing damage in slowed time mode.
4. Fixed - All lowercase pirate ship name.
5. Fixed - Bases were not showing up on the radar map like the System Map.
6. Fixed - All job ships will always show up on the radar and system maps regardless of range.
7. Added - Option to show the name of the ship in the System Map Window.
8. Fixed - Names of objects on the System Map would occasionally not show.
9. Added - Text will be displayed on the main window if you are carrying illegal cargo.
10. Added - Text will be displayed on the main window if you leave the boundaries of the solar system (and your speed is set to 10%).
11. Fixed - You could launch fighters and mines by right clicking on them regardless of whether you
had fighter bays or mine layers (hotkeys were working correctly, right-clicking was not).

Version 1.03:
1. Fixed - Missing objects from SpaceObjects_XFiles would cause the
game to crash during map generation.
2. Fixed - Reduced list font size for better multi-machine support.
3. Fixed - LRS button was showing up for non ships.
4. Fixed - Point Defense would fire on fighters that were exploding.
5. Fixed - Can only have one Multiplex Tracking, Neural Combat Net, or
Master Computer component per ship.
6. Fixed - "Crew" on the main window would sometimes be transparent.
7. Fixed - Static in the display will only be shown if the Bridge is damaged
(as opposed to not present).
8. Added - Time scale settings of 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2.
9. Fixed - Better time scaling for extra effects like exposions, shield hits,
and firing flares.
10. Fixed - The Pirate Cruiser had a shield slot that provided shields to the wrong side.

Version 1.02:
1. Fixed - Sithrak Portal Warp Point was too high.
2. Fixed - Employer names weren't showing up in jobs.
3. Fixed - Possibly fixed the occasional missing textures problem.
4. Fixed - Invalid Index in combat.
5. Fixed - Bad internal damage allocation.
6. Fixed - Ship Purchase screen would error if there were no ships to purchase.
7. Added - Restriction Type and Restriction Value to Components.txt.
8. Fixed - Only one Bridge, Combat Sensors, or ECM is allowed per ship.
9. Fixed - Shield & Armor Piercing Damage was having both Shield Piercing and Armor Piercing Resistance applied to it. Now, which ever resistance
is higher will alone be applied to the Shield & Armor Piercing Damage.

Version 1.01:
1. Fixed - Set the Combat Sensors and ECM back to a size of 10. The increased
size was causing problems with ship designs.
2. Fixed - Ships should not fire on their own fighters, either with normal
weapons or with point defense.
3. Fixed - The Abbidon Carrier would cause a Range Check Error when purchased.
4. Fixed - Enemy designs would put multiple "Must Have" components.
5. Changed - Engine glow level is now based on current speed.
6. Fixed - Bolt weapons will now lead their target.



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