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New Release for Crimson Concept Mod to version 8.0
Posted on Wednesday, June 9th @ 3:28 pm GMT (13158 reads)
SEnet Modworks New Release of Crimson Concept Mod 8.0 - Designed to focus new, revised, and interest concepts.

Download here.

- Racial Traits - Pirates
Allows the creation of an pirate empire in the game by allowing early access to tech and comp, new a comp and facility, and bonus to current comps. Has AI support.

- Racial Traits - Organic Host
Creates living organic ships, which gain and loses bonus abilities basic on the experiences of the ships. The living organic ships are only half the size of the normals, but gains a new comp "Ship Brain" to control the ship by. Has AI support.

- Hive Mind
This concept adds a single mind type empire with a Hive Mind needed to run the empire properly. If the Hive Mind is loss then the empire will have several penalties.

- Racial Traits - Monster
Allows for a work around to have monsters in the game with special abilities comps. The monster empire will be limited on the number of ships it's allow to have in the game and by the fact that it's research techs are only what other player have researched. Has AI support.

- Budget management based on politic ideology type
Allows an empire to reduce maintenance cost of the empire, but at the cost of side effects, by the use of facilities. The amount of maintenance cost lowed, the side effects and the scope of both are based on the politic ideology type a empire has researched. There are three types in the game now: Democratic, Socialism, and Fascism.

- Inter-nation public relation
The effects on happiness of an planet based on the present of another empire in the same system with other factors including, but not limited to, it size and facilities on those planets in that system. No Effect on AI

- Over crowding
Decrease Planet happiness if planet's pop is too high and increase happiness if planet's pop is low. No Effect on AI

- Remote Storms
Collect resources from storms like remote mining comps do. Has AI support.

A facility that divides Pollution value use in the BM Pollution Mod.

- Mad scientist
A new Research facility that has a increase in research at the cost of side effects. Has AI support.

- Minor seasonal to planets
Allows for the increase and decrease of the organic value based on the date, planet size, and distance from the sun.

- Weapon Customization Techs
Allows the customization of weapons comp based on different weapon types to give bonus in the areas of range, damage, structure point, tonnage Space, and Reload Time. One thing to note however is that an empire can not research all the customization techs.

- Society Tech Improvements
Though the use of Applied and Weapon techs Player gain New Cultural Achievement that help the empire.

- Zero Supplies Event
When ships only run out of supplies, there is a chance of damage to the ship due to not being able to do ship upkeep.

- Patent System
Allows for allies to steal each other techs in a passive way, but at the cost of being fined. Has AI support.

- Vertical Scraper
Creates facilities that can increase abilities of current facilities on the planet without the need of using facility space. Vertical Scraper types can not be build on planets without the required parent facility. Has AI support.

- Mobile facilities
Develops an new unit that has similar abilities as facilities. No AI support.

- Enhance tax system
Turn current resource production to a 30% tax rate. This allows for facility policies that increase production amounts at the cost of pop happiness. No AI support.

- Planet Facility Analyze Tech
A concept that allow for the research of technology behind an facility. No AI support.

- Integrated > BM 1.19g and the Zero_Population_Decay Mod

- New Comps/Techs
Engine Room > Repair ships on ships. Has AI Support.
Repair Deck > Repair Units on ships.
Point-Defense Electric Field > organic PD
Co-op Ship Yard Module > Ship based Robotoid Factory
Pod Plasma Missile > POD version of the Plasma Missile
Pod Anti-Matter Torpedo > POD version of the Anti-Matter Torpedo
Pod Quantum Torpedo > POD version of the Quantum Torpedo
Pod Gamma Pulse Torpedo > POD version of the Gamma Pulse Torpedo

- New Facility
Home World Culture Center > Make Home worlds more valuable.

- New Images
Using images from Kontana's pic Mod.

- Damage Type Change
Deplete Supplies damage type don't skip shield now.

- Plus all the other concept from 1.0-7.0

Hope you guys and ladies enjoy it and please post any comments or problems. Oh the Mod site's notes page was update with all the old and new concepts to help you guys play the mod better. Click here for the Notes. Also I would like to thank the tester for help finding all the little problems in the newer concepts.



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Re: New Release for Crimson Concept Mod to version 8.0 (Score: 1)
by Artful_Bodger on Saturday, August 7th @ 7:11 pm GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Just been playing this, very nice.

I noticed an issue with the limit checking when you build facilities. If you queue 3 slave spaceyards, it complains that the number of facilities has been exceeded. Queuing 3 single ones works, multiple ones used to work on v7.x.

This seems to apply for all number limited facilities, e.g. the vertical stack facilities have to be done singly or as a repeat build too.

How do you get Tugs to work ? I've auto built one, even added tractor beams , but there is no obvious way to get it to tow anything.

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