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New Release for Crimson Concept Mod to version 7.0
Posted on Saturday, October 31st @ 10:05 am GMT (5413 reads)
SEnet Modworks New Release of Crimson Concept Mod 7.0 - Designed to focus new, revised, and interest concepts.

Download Here

The following are the current concepts:

Creation of the Power Emission Policy , which is a comp that can create a weak sector wide cloak. But the comp also reduces the resources produce in the sector to account for the decrease in power level to hide from enemy sensors. And the Tax policy increase resources produced on a planet, but causes the planet's happiness level to decrease due to the increase demand in taxes and work hours.

- Police
Creates a police unit with a event to increase happiness for the happiness increase caused by the number of troop police add vs normal troops for the AI. AI does not use police units.

- Dome facility
Change the facility, cargo, and pop space of domed planet to show a unlivable planet conditions. Added Dome facilities which increase the facility, cargo, and pop space of a planet. AI does support this concept.

- Asteroid Planets
Add Asteroid Planets by using a modified Colonizable Asteroids Mod. Asteroid Planets can be mined even when the planet has a colony by the way of a event. Also a special dome and SY facility were added for the planet. The use of a new comp is required to make the planet and place a colony in it. AI does support this concept.

- Debris Fields
Add a modified Debris and Salvage script and graphics from the BSG Mod. The Debris field now decrease in size over time and added a chance of damage to ship in the same sector. Resource amount available to be collected from the Debris fields are based on the amount of tonnage lost in the battle there. The use of the salvage team

- Trade Debt
Creates the economics of import and export trade imbalances by the use of new facilities and comps. The facilities and comps produces resource based on the resources amounts produced in trading. Now while one empire increases in resources produce by trading, the other trading partner will see a decrease amount in resource available based on the percent of resource produced by trade facilities. Also a raiding comp was added so players can directly reduce the amount of resource produced in a enemy system, but the ship with the comp must be in the system to do it. AI does support this concept.

- Pirate Event
Used to cause players, AI not effected, to spread their ships out to protect against pirate raids. This effect if successfully can reduce the resource amounts in the system attacked. Every system is check to see if an attack happens and the more war ships in the system the less likely the attack. Now war ships are any ships that can do more than 50 points of weapon damage total. This allow for q-ships to be use full and Mercenary comps now are counted as cargo comps. Also a new tech called 'Privateer Policy' was add that increase the chance of a pirate attack on your enemies.

Adds a modified Jump Drive and SETI Evt Type 1 mini-mod by Edge1218. Range was add for the jump drive and facility. Also if the ship's target is outside the range of the drive then the ship will jump to a system in between. AI does support this concept.

- Tug
Allows for ship to be move with the help of an event by another ship. The ship being pulled has have either Lost of a Critical Component, Current supply amount is below 50, or Damage with tonnage structure less than half left on the ship. Also the ship must have a tonnage structure equal to total pull strength of the ship, which come from the use of the new tug engine. Ship and base can be moved and AI does support this concept.

- Stellar Gravity
Add a new set of facilities and comps to the game designed for late game action and based on Gravity. The new facilities can add system wide movement bonus and penalties, do damage sector to system wide, affect shield and combat sensors, help produce resources, and destroy a system from light years away. And the new comp allow for a Strong sector cloak and the movement of planets with the help of a facility. AI does support this concept, except for the planet movement.

- Setting changes
Change population modifiers to the BM amounts plus and Lower the Migration values

- Ship design > basic
Add a ship design that only includes the basic comps of a ship for human player use.

- Plus all the other concept from 1.0-6.0

Hope you guys and ladies enjoy it and please post any comments or problems. Oh the Mod site's notes page was update with all the old and new concepts to help you guys play the mod better. Click here for the Notes. Also I would like to thank the tester for help finding all the little problems in the newer concepts.



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